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Mopar | July 21 2015

1970 Superbird Travels from Indiana to Alaska

A 50-year-old dream became a reality last month when Bob Jennings, 62, traveled the Alaska Highway in his original NASCAR 1970 Plymouth Superbird. “When I bought one (Superbird) many years ago I set as a goal that maybe one day we’ll drive this car (across the Alaska Highway) because no one had ever done that,”
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Mopar | May 01 2015

We mourn the passing of the Father of the 426 HEMI

Every fan of HEMI® power and performance on the street and race tracks has lost a friend with the passing of Tom Hoover, the man widely known as the “father” of the 426 HEMI racing engine, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. “Tom Hoover was an exceptional human being and an engineering genius that
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Jeep,Mopar | April 08 2015

Easter Jeep Safari: Putting concepts to the test

The annual Easter Jeep® Safari in Moab, Utah, is an event we and countless Jeep enthusiasts look forward to every year. The scenery and the Jeep SUVs are spectacular. It’s a perfect match. Every year, upwards of 1,000 vehicles are registered, all with the intent of owners putting their 4x4s and their skills to the
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Mopar | March 26 2015

Mopar-modified Jeep Renegade trio heats up Rio

People typically dress down when enjoying the sun-soaked beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The Mopar brand created just as much sizzle recently by “dressing up.” A trio of all-new Jeep Renegades, upgraded with Mopar parts and accessories, grabbed headlines at a media event in the “Marvelous City.” The Mopar-modified SUVs — the Longitude “City,” Trailhawk
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Mopar | November 04 2014

Mopar brings Charger attitude to NHRA for 2015

The all-new Dodge Charger R/T that Mopar brings to the National Hot Rod Association Funny Car series for 2015 is more than just a bunch of stickers on a generic shell — lots more. Engineers, designers and body builders at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, along with the Don Schumacher Racing team and NHRA officials worked closely
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