Uconnect | September 01 2016

4th Gen Uconnect system 8.4 touchscreen adds Android Auto, Apple CarPlay for 2017

One of the biggest “asks” of the Uconnect System is integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Well, the ask has been answered.

In the video, Uconnect Marketing Manager Mike Novak demonstrates how easy it is to integrate Android Auto and Apple CarPlay into the 2017 8.4 Uconnect System.

Novak also demonstrates other important improvements to the fourth-generation Uconnect System, including a higher definition screen and multi-touch gestures.

For the 2017 model year, 8.4 Uconnect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration is only available on the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger models, and cannot be upgraded with prior generation Uconnect systems.




Mike Driehorst

Thanks for stopping by. I lead the corporate social media efforts for FCA US, which means I oversee things like content, community management, outreach, monitoring and most anything else that comes with social media management. Being a lifelong metro Toledo, Ohio, resident, the passion for Jeep® has always been evident.
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Thanks for stopping by. I lead the corporate social media efforts for FCA US, which means I oversee things like content, community management, outreach, monitoring and most anything else that comes with social media management. Being a lifelong metro Toledo, Ohio, resident, the passion for Jeep® has always been evident. Since joining FCA in late 2010, it’s been inspiring to get a first-hand view of that same level of passion for our all of the company’s vehicles, past and present. It’s that kind of true Mopar-or-no-car spirit that reminds me every day that FCA doesn’t simply make cars and trucks, we make vehicles that develop community among its owners. And that’s what I try to portray in the corporate social voice.

  • ADF

    What about the loyal customers that just bought a 2016 Ram. No Apple Carplay??? Guess we just got screwed.

  • Cronock

    Everyone should understand that Uconnect almost never gets updates, and after about a year it’s just a brick in your dash. I was told iPhone support would be coming to my model, and it’s STILL not here after 3 years. One of the most popular phones works horribly with this system. My kids’ toys get better software support than a $32,000 vehicle.

  • cageordie

    As a software and systems engineer with over 30 years of experience in embedded systems I would dearly love to meet the team who perpetrated the uConnect system and who released barely functional garbage into a premium (extremely overpriced rubbish) market. If the new system would allow me to install Waze of Copilot then that would make it a better bet for anyone stupid enough to trust Chrysler in the future. Since they don’t offer a way to fix the garbage they already foisted on customers I will not be buying another vehicle from them.

  • TakeDownTheLeft

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I bought a $60k 2016 Durango RT. I expected my system to be eligible for a CarPlay upgrade as I specifically asked the salesman if this upgrade would be available soon. He said they get upgraded regularly and this option was in the works. I now know Dodge has no intention of doing so. Idiots!

    Anyhow, the supposed premium sound system sucks big time. I’ve trashed the OEM “fake” Alpine speakers for solid JL C5’s and added an Audio Control DQ-61 processor and powerful after market amps. It now sounds like a “premium” system. I’ll most likely trash the Uconnect HU soon and go with a Pioneer HU that will control the nav, heat and whatever else the Uconnect controls. It’s a shame to have to spend so much to get great sound. If manufacturers would just stick to building cars and let the car audio pros sell them real “premium” systems, us discriminating music lovers would be very happy.

  • Bradley Gibson

    I don’t quite understand why the wheels turn so slow on this , does the Uconnect team come out of retirement every 2 years to do minor updates to the system or what ?. Surely if there is actually someone working on the Uconnect system then there should be consistent progress rather than stalling and delays , always promising on the “Next” model vehicle and “update” on the one they are selling now , only to change 12months time and deny the update on the ones they said they would update and push the rollout to the NEXT year and then do the same thing again with “update” to the current which was to be the “standard” but then deny that one .. cycle continues.
    We have a fleet of vehicles and want this , just got a Durango RT 2months ago , not going to get an update… about to get a Journey in Jan2017, not slated for even an “update” at this point…. and then I have another Durango in May2017 and that as well is not on the Gen4 roadmap… Why do these things move SO slow , it seems in-car tech from these companies lags the real world by at least 5yrs in tech ?

    If this Mike Driehorst is a real person (rather than a marketing trick…) , then what does he DO ? , he doesn’t participate in these forums and most certainly does no expedite any advances in the Uconnect system ? , completely strange …..

  • Richie

    With all do respect. I purchased this car because FCA said that Uconnect with Android Auto will be included in 2016 models. So while I understand that I need to speak to a Uconnect rep ultimately, my problem is with FCA. You have the power to make it happen. Lets make it happen.

    ‘The FCA news was announced in Las Vegas in conjunction with CES 2016, a huge electronics show increasingly being used by automakers to announce technology advancements. FCA said CarPlay and Android Auto will be included in Uconnect globally “in select models during 2016.” ‘

    • Troy Gilmore

      FCA actually isn’t lying in that case. The 2017 300 and Charger have the new 4th gen system. You can buy those select vehicles now at dealerships IN 2016. So, actually, they have lived up to their word.

  • Humberto Hepp

    Just decided not to buy a brand new compass becouse ilthe beaultifoul screen doesn’t comes with Apple car play… no matter who’s the brainless responsible on fca for that, he should be fired

  • TDI Rex

    FCA, you fail once again. The only thing that could save the abysmal UConnect is Android Auto / Apple CarPlay integration across the board. My experiences with UConnect in rental fleets and at the dealer have been terrible. When the sales rep can’t even get the system to work and be stable, I want nothing to do with it, or the vehicle it’s in.

    I am currently shopping for a replacement for my Dieselgate Volkswagen Touareg (it will likely be bought back in the next 3-6 months), and I would love to look at the Grand Cherokee Overland diesel, as it’s a great off-road vehicle at a good price…but the utter trainwreck that is UConnect is a major drawback.

    Instead, I’m considering leasing a Range Rover Sport Td6, which gets a marginally better system for 2017. It’s still no Android Auto, but it’s not frustratingly buggy.

  • Cary Nordin

    MIKE, why are you not commenting on this thread? It’s obvious that people feel they were lied to. The current third generation 8.4 should ABSOLUTELY be capable of handling the software for Apple CarPlay. Why is FCA screwing us. Some sort of response would be nice.

  • Carlos Jaurena

    since jeep/mopar does not want to step up and offer an upgrade maybe there is a hack or jailbrake that can make CarPlay available until!

  • Robo

    They say it can’t be updated on older systems. I say lack of dedications to customers.

  • Dan

    If there is no android auto update for my 2016 Ram 1500, I will not buy anymore fca product again. The phone is doing almost all the job, there is no way my 8.4 head unit can’t do it. This is b*** s***.

    • uski

      I’m 100% positive it CAN be implemented, but they probably don’t want to. Consider that the unit is actually manufactured by Harman and maybe FCA doesn’t want to pay the Harman folks to keep working on what FCA considers “legacy products”.
      The issue here is that a 2015 product (let alone 2016) should not be considered a legacy system… !!!

  • Denis Bergeron

    I will report my Ram 1500 upgrade in 2017 for 2018 waiting for android auto… or maybe should I get a Ford or a gm or a Nissan … all with android auto

  • Robert

    Mike, you receive a lot of flack on these posts of the uConnect systems. I think it is time to express the frustrations that you read to the proper people within FCA. I think the blantintly lack of support to uphold promises and support on older model vehicles is outright outrageous.

    You can search anywhere on the web where people are getting fed up with the BS lies. It’s one thing to be honest saying FCA will not support older vehicles and it’s another to play the blame game on hardware.

    Get your engineers acts together and update older systems. We all know (including yourself) that it is possible.

    FCA isn’t loosing one customer today, but thousands. So keep up the crap act FCA.

    • BringinItAllTogether

      How do all of you KNOW for a fact that the hardware can take the QNX base system and then CarPlay/Android Auto Auto on top of it in the older models. Do we know for some certainty that there is not a hardware limitation or some future hardware necessity that you don’t know about that they don’t want to release yet? Seriously!?!? How do you KNOW!?!?

      • Richie

        You are correct. I do not know for sure. What I do know is that FCA said it will be included in 2016 models. So if that is the case why can it not be included in the models with the same type system (hardware)? I understand that they want to focus on the newest models and I understand that resources are limited and therefore they cannot work on “legacy” systems. But to say one minute the it will work and then to say that it will only work with 2017 models, is at the very least inconsistent. FCA owes it to owners to meet expectations FCA set for them selves. The cannot avoid us. They also cannot assume that will will continue to buy a car that lacks the required needs of today’s market place.

        We need FCA because we like their products. But make no mistake, FCA also needs us because we like their products.

      • Robert

        Yes we do know for a fact it will work with the 2013+ uconnect radios. There are forums where people have the 2016 software installed on the 2013 radios. Mike has claimed there is a limitation on the newest and greatest 2016 firmware not being able to work correctly on the 2013-2015 uconnect radios due to a “hardware limitation”. He is full of BS. On certain forums, there has also been discussion and instances where people have installed the 2017 Pacifica uconnect radios with android auto into their 2014 Rams with everything working correctly. Forum members are waiting for Android auto to be released in the Ram so we can extract the OS and configure it to work with the 2013+ Ram uconnect radios. The uconnect for the 2017 Ram is not supposed to have hardware differences with previous 8.4 uconnects. Mid year is when android auto is supposed to be supported in the Ram by a software upgrade. They have claimed in the past that the 2016 ram was supposed to get android auto as well.

      • uski

        We don’t need to get into the details. QNX, VxWorks, Linux, whatever. They simply have no willingness to add features on the older models.
        If at least they showed that they were trying to (by regularly releasing some fixes and small enhancements), I would be fine and supportive. But it looks like they just don’t care about older systems and they expect people to get new cars…. like we can afford a new car just because of some inconvenience with the GPS system…

        These inconveniences just make us unhappy with the brand, and provide no sales benefit to them. Bad marketing strategy and terrible customer PR judging from the comments here

    • uski

      My Charger was my first FCA vehicle. Now I feel burnt. Not to mention the not-so-pleasant dealer experience
      They’re just interested in our money. Look at what Ford did, they recently added features to 2011 models !

  • Sergio de Andrade

    Hi Gents,
    Will this new system be available for the New Jeep Compass? I’ve told by sellers that Jeep Compass will not come with CarPlay and MirrorLink, can it be upgrated?

    • Eric Chalupka

      It can be upgraded, but it will not. FCA is not supporting CarPlay or Android Auto in any vehicles with the head unit that is found in most of their vehicles.

  • Daddy Mac

    Any chance this will come to the 2016 UConnect 8.4 NAV/RA4? I just bought a new RAM with the UConnect, and would LOVE CarPlay.

  • Adam Marshall

    I’d been awaiting the 4th generation eagerly since January of this year, and deferring my purchase of a new Jeep. Any idea on when 4th Gen 8.4 Uconnect will be available on Cherokee & Grand Cherokee?

    • eze

      New 2017 Grand Cherokee’s are on the lot but were supplied with the old 3rd gen RA3/RA4 head units. So basically they are giving the consumer the bird on this one.. just like was mentioned “cannot be upgraded with prior generation Uconnect systems”. Even in the brand new 2017 models you will not be able to upgrade. It might be time to start looking for a different model SUV as the wait may be until the 2018 model.

      • Richie

        Simply buying another SUV will not effect change IMO. If you decide to purchase another manufactures SUV, please let your local FCA dealership know why. When dealers start to report that customers are buying other cars because of promises not kept, it may cause positive change for other owners.

  • QuarterSwede

    I tend to agree that they can’t bring it to current uConnect systems. I have it on a Pioneer 4100NEX using an iPhone 6 Plus, neither being slouches, and even then CarPlay lags frequently. I can’t imagine how awful it would be on the current gen uConnect system. Note: I had the dealership rip out the uConnect system and put the Pioneer in.

  • Jeff Ivey

    I know there is a lot of frustration over this, but CarPlay has minimum hardware requirements that the current version may not meet. There is a CarPlay developer site you can look up that tells all of this detail. Look up CarPlay MFI in your favorite search engine. It does discuss some minimum hard requirements.

    Now, unless they changed the CAN bus on this new model, I can’t see any reason why Chrysler couldn’t offer an official upgrade path through the dealer so that your VIN can be updated to receive new Uconnect updates. Same CAN bus, should be a simple unit swap. This is all speculation of course. We don’t know what the engineers have done under the hood.

    • Eric Chalupka

      The RA3/RA4 units do meet the minimum requirements. They actually have improved hardware over Ford head units that are supporting CarPlay back to some of their 2010 models.

      • Jared

        They are superior to the units in Hyundai and they are upgrading theirs to have Android Auto so the excuse is BS. I would gladly pay them another $500 to add it.

    • Jared

      Tom’s Hardware shows that it does.

  • CrazyMac10

    I suggest you change the wording in the last paragraph to say that fca WILL not upgrade other 8.4 Uconnect systems instead of saying they can’t. This is a subtle and important syntactical difference. I have been writing software for decades, and ANYTHING can be done in software, it’s just a matter of dedication and the will to do it. It is total bs for fca to say they can’t add android auto.

    • Col. Whiskey

      Roger that!

    • TakeDownTheLeft

      Dodge won’t let my post show. Responding to older posts is the only way to diss Dodge for lying Bout adding car play to 2016 models. I paid $60k for my Dorango RT and. I am not holding my breath that they’ll add it. Assholes

  • Justin Davidson

    Bull crap. CarPlay is just porting the touchscreen as an input to the iPhone. Not being backwards compatible to Uconnect systems when you said you would be brining CarPlay and just limited to a small number of 2017 vehicles is just pure lazyniess, money grabbing attempt. We just got a new ford sedan that has CarPlay and the system is sync 3 on a blackberry os. Figure it out.

    • BringinItAllTogether

      How do all of you absolutely know for a fact that the hardware can take the QNX base system and then CarPlay/Android Auto Auto on top of it in the older models. Do we know for some certainty that there is not a hardware limitation or some future hardware necessity that you don’t know about that they don’t want to release yet? How do you KNOW!?!?

  • Sam

    How fantastic, too bad the brand new Pacifica has a now out of date system. I wish a simple firmware update could allow awesome new features like this for a $40,000 car

  • Whatever

    Thanks for what can only be described as deceptive suggestion that 2016 models would be able to receive CarPlay via an software update. I have bought my first and last FCA vehicle. The sad part of this is, there are no technical system limitations that prevent CarPlay from working on the earlier UConnect 8.4 systems. This is simply a money-grab…

    Earlier in the Summer, I received a message from a group of FCA owners in Florida that discussed a plan for a class-action suit against FCA with a law firm called Morgan & Morgan if a CarPlay – Android Auto software UConnect update was not brought to 2016 vehicles as promised, This group has provided the firm printed copies and social media materials from FCA that says CarPlay would be available in 2016 for Ram, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat vehicles. It is unfortunate that it has to come to that to get a company to do what they said they’d do.

    • Jujufruit01

      I purchased my 2016 Cherokee 75th Anniversary Edition in June. The salesman said CarPlay/Android Auto was an audio update and the Service Dept. would handle that after the purchase. As instructed, after the purchase I took to Service the following weekend for the update only to find that there isn’t one and no idea if there will be one. Advertisements reviewed during the research of this vehicle said select 2016 Jeep models would have this feature, citing Cherokee as one of the models. My previous vehicle was a GMC Terrain and I really miss their OnStar and Infotainment system compared to what is offered with the Jeep. It’s kind of sad really and all the lying isn’t necessary or good business behavior!!

      • Eric Chalupka

        Same thing happened here

      • Chris Johnson

        I purchased both a 2016 2500 Laramie LongHorn and a 2016 1500 Rebel and was told the same thing. I am VERY upset that there hasn’t been the CarPlay update as promised by the dealer and online readings.

    • BringinItAllTogether

      Yeah. That’s gonna happen and work before it is time for you to get a new car! Deceptive? Yes. Worth suing over? Probably not.

      • Richie

        If numerous emails and countless blogs does not cause positive changes, what else can a consumer do but go to court. It is the only remaining way to have FCA stick to the promises they made.