Uconnect | June 26 2015

Five big updates for 2016 Uconnect 8.4

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram 2016 model-year vehicle owners, with a Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen, will be able to take advantage of new features that will help them keep their eyes on the road with one of the most user-focused in-vehicle systems available.

Uconnect’s Aamir Ahmed details the biggest updates in the video above.

Here’s quick look at what will be coming in the following 2016 vehicles:

  • Chrysler 200 and 300;
  • Dodge Challenger, Charger, Durango and Viper;
  • Jeep® Cherokee and Grand Cherokee;
  • Ram 1500, Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab

Do Not Disturb: Drivers who don’t want to be interrupted with phone calls or text messages can choose to turn on the new “Do Not Disturb” and “Reply with Text Message*” feature.

Siri Eyes Free: Via the voice button on the steering wheel and compatible with an Apple iPhone 4s or later, drivers can speak natural language voice commands to send text messages, play music, set reminders, place phone calls and access turn-by-turn directions.

Drag and Drop menu bar: U.S. and Canadian vehicle owners now have the ability to personalize their touchscreen controls to fit their lifestyle and have one-button access to the features and services they value most.

SiriusXM Tune Start: A new SiriusXM feature for U.S. and Canadian customers, Tune Start starts songs from the beginning when passengers and drivers switch between their favorite pre-set satellite radio channels. This feature ensures no one misses a beat of their songs they want to hear.

Vehicle User Guide: Debuting in the 2016 Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 300, the Vehicle User Guide allows drivers to view their owner’s manual via the 8.4-inch touchscreen to use it as a quick reference guide.

In addition, all of the Uconnect 8.4-inch systems available on the vehicles mentioned above have been fine-tuned for 2016 to deliver even better performance. Depending on the system, the improvements include new software and voice recognition algorithms to enhance the system’s performance power, including voice recognition accuracy, calculation of navigation routes, search and playing of songs and applications engagement.

In addition, new noise cancellation software will help increase the quality and clarity of hands-free phone calls.


*The Reply with Text Message feature requires a compatible mobile device enabled with Bluetooth® Message Access Profile (MAP). iPhone and some other smartphones do not currently support Bluetooth® MAP. Visit for system and device compatibility.


Mike Driehorst

Thanks for stopping by. I lead the corporate social media efforts for FCA US, which means I oversee things like content, community management, outreach, monitoring and most anything else that comes with social media management. Being a lifelong metro Toledo, Ohio, resident, the passion for Jeep® has always been evident.
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Thanks for stopping by. I lead the corporate social media efforts for FCA US, which means I oversee things like content, community management, outreach, monitoring and most anything else that comes with social media management. Being a lifelong metro Toledo, Ohio, resident, the passion for Jeep® has always been evident. Since joining FCA in late 2010, it’s been inspiring to get a first-hand view of that same level of passion for our all of the company’s vehicles, past and present. It’s that kind of true Mopar-or-no-car spirit that reminds me every day that FCA doesn’t simply make cars and trucks, we make vehicles that develop community among its owners. And that’s what I try to portray in the corporate social voice.

  • Curtis Mobley

    Would love it if we were aloud to add our own wallpapers via the USB port we use to apply new updates

  • uski

    What I find totally insane is that the maps in my RA4 unit are more than 2 years old and there is no map upgrade available yet ! And when they will be available they will be more than a year old… and very costly.

    For god sakes FCA if you can’t manage to get timely and appropriately priced GPS map upgrades for your customer, at least please provide us with Android Auto.

    I’m afraid it will end up like it did for my previous car : just not using the in-car navigation and falling back to my phone, insecurely looking away from the phone when I get directions… if your marketing people believe that I’ll pay for these outdated map upgrades, I think you can fire them, they’re doing a terrible job.

    Another unhappy customer. Get us Android Auto on 2015 vehicles and stop with the “different hardware” nonsense (embedded systems engineer here).

  • The JennCast

    This just makes me trust FCA less, not want to upgrade my less than 1 year old Grand Cherokee. I will probably use my phone instead of the built in infotainment system, now. FCA needs to put the customer, first.

  • Bzb323

    No expert here, but uconnect is in no hurry to upgrade our systems because of lost revenue.
    Don’t know about any of you, but I don’t even connect to mine since I refuse to pay the monthly $20.00 fee for voice texting. My phone is more than capable of reading and REPLYING with my voice rendering the uconnect in my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee a road hazard since my 1 year of free time was up!
    I can’t even get Bluetooth Google maps to connect.
    I believe the word “proprietary” comes to mind.
    I don’t like a system that forces a pay service only deal. Already paid for it when I bought the vehicle! Wish I could get the entire uconnect setup out and a more user friendly setup.
    Love my Jeep! Have been driving a Chrysler minivan since the very first ones rolled out (yes V4), and then Jeep Grand Cherokee since 1990.
    This last one is about to hit its 2nd birthday next month, but the huge eyesore that I can only use as a radio without Mopar extorting me on a monthly basis – for safe driving no less -, is about to be my last one; sooner rather than later.

  • Joanne Romano

    Bought a 2014 Dodge Ram 3.5 hemi in Sept. 2014, and the Uconnect 8.4 system went completely out! Was told by the local Chrysler dealer here in Houston TX that no body has the part needed in stock, and its on back order. We all know what that means. It also sounds like a lot of customers are having the same problems—no one the part needed for the repair is on back order. This is terrible customer service, FCA.

    This is the same truck that a leak coming in through the rear window brake light, rwhich had to be fixed 9 months after I bought it. It’s had five recalls. Too bad, because it’s a nice truck, and I like the ride. I also purchased it because I liked the Uconnect technology. I should have done my homework about Uconnect first—my bad.

    The quality of your manufacturing has a lot left to be desired, folks. You need to step up to the plate and provide the quality you promise to your customers…who pay handsomely for the vehicles they purchase from you.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got no radio, no hands free phone, no nothing. And no telling when the dealership will get the part in. Incredibly frustrating.

  • Josh Snyder

    What is the point of Uconnect Hotspot if the vehicle has to be running. Would be nice to be able to use it while you work or camp with vehicle off. I’m sure a reflash can be done to add an option “Hotspot on when Vehicle off, on or both”. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeee

  • John Spires

    C’mon FCA! Android auto would be great on my 15 Durango and 15 Challenger. I believe Android also has the majority of the market, so it makes sense.

  • TurboPGT

    When my lease is up, I’m looking for a vehicle with CarPlay support. My Jeep is all around MEH, not bad, not great…except for the Unconnect System, which is complete shit. CarPlay and Android Auto were invented to solve this problem and all you need to do is adopt it.
    There is no excuse. Quite simply, if CarPlay is not standard on your 2017 Jeeps, you’re going to lose customers.

  • Randy Cummins

    This guy is selling the update for $60

    • William Quapp

      What I forgot was closer $600.

    • Richard M Henderson

      539 Euros sure the hell isn’t $60.

      • Chris Grimes

        I sent the guy an email to see what it all includes. Looks like you take out the head unit, remove a back plate and a circuit board, install another circuit board and then install the other one in to the new one. Then there is another small computer box with lots of inputs that will go under the dash. Looks pretty cool. I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Limited and am pretty pissed that FCA isn’t going to offer any type of update for us….especially after spending $64K on a truck with a bunch of wind noise and some rattles.

  • mel scott

    Siri Eyes Free is BS! Give us CarPlay and AndroidAuto then I will be HAPPY!!!

  • Philip Nerges

    I came to this site looking to see if there was an update for Android Auto….

    My 50k car is less than 1 year old. It’s already obsolete! I will never buy a Jeep again. What hardware issues are there? I’d love to hear the explanation for this. (Keep in mind that I’m a software engineer) What piece of code can’t be cross compiled to run on some new chipset? How does your OS still work on your new hardware? If this is an actual problem, you should fire your engineers and get some competent ones. I suspect this is a business model problem and not an engineering/software problem.

    My Uconnect didn’t even work for the first 3-4 months I had the vehicle. I finally got the voice text working with a software update right before my free trial ran out. They want to charge $15 bucks a month for something that a cheap aftermarket radio will do better! Pandora integration was terrible so I would just pair the phone and use the blue tooth media feature. It would take forever to come up and didn’t always work right away. It doesn’t support Spotify. I have to pay money to use something I’m already paying for? It hardly makes it feel like a luxury vehicle.

    Seriously, I will never buy another FCA vehicle!!! Sure my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee looks cool but I guess that’s all I really paid for. Next time I’ll buy a cheaper car that doesn’t charge you for features that should get for free when you buy a “nicer” vehicle or, I will just actually pay a little more and buy an actual “luxury” vehicle.

    When I bought my car the dealer said he was going to do this or that for me. He asked me what it would take to get me in a Jeep. He told me he could work on the price. He didn’t. He told me he was going to throw in rubber floor mats. He never did. When I went to pay, they told me I had to pay for the basic warranty. That added 5k to the sticker price. My last vehicle had a better warranty with the vehicle than the one I paid for. I went back to the dealer a few more times to speak to my salesman. He was always too busy and couldn’t. When I asked some one else if they could just get me the mats and he finally came over and told me he wasn’t allowed to just “give” me the mats. He said he would get to me later, I got the point and left.

    Next time, I’ll do my research first.

    I love how they have some unknowledgeable PR guy answering technical questions on here… Just more of that luxury feeling you get when you buy a Jeep.

  • MIS_Prof

    I continue to wait for the Android Auto update. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing that this year (2015 Durango with 8.4 AN)

  • Hank1946

    Does anyone know if we have or can get Red Light and Speed Camera information download from Garmin to the 2015 8.4 U-Connect? Also can we hook up a camera to the system and record the video to the system?

  • Cliff Cristobal

    Really 2015 Cherokee can be upgraded to this? iCar and all?

  • Derek

    where’s Android auto and Car Play?

    • bgf

      Next time you sit on the toilet, look between your legs and you will find your answer

  • David Milam

    Uconnect is a joke! I have a 2013 Longhorn Ram with navigation which is supposed to work voice commands but does not recognize any thing you speak, I have to physically pull over to the side of the road to manually type the address into the the navigation system. It is nice to spend 62,000 on a awesome truck and not have a good navigation system. I was hoping the new Siri® Eyes upgrade for Uconnect would fix the problem but it does not work with the navigation system. Now a new 2016/17 model will have new features but will not work on the 2013 model. Look like FCA wants to rip off it’s it customers and try to convince us into buying a new vehicle. Not going to happen since they will not support their existing products and dedicated customers. Guess my next purchase will be a GMC or Ford! even though I have been a lifetime purchaser of Chrysler vehicles.

  • Ryan Jones

    When will Apple Carplay be available?

  • cory

    im not very impressed with the uconnect system all around anyways, but the new 2016 uconnect updates makes the 8.4 inch screen safer and a lot more interesting. its really disappointing to spend a lot of money on a dodge vehicle, i have a 2015 dart and the new update is unavailable for my car, why is that? all the more reasons why im not impressed with the uconnect system, other companys such as ford and chevy screen software offers more features than uconnect by far.

    • Cliff Cristobal

      In Australia jeep models are a year behind and so i just bought 2015 cherokee model. Unfortunately i see this forum a week later else i would have waited or buy other brand. My car is not even a month old and already obsolete! Shame! I ask the dealer and he has no answer to me.

  • Astrotraveler

    Looks like FCA has expanded availability of these updates to older 8.4AN head units. So much for all of the bitching, moaning, whining and slandering I guess. You’ll have to find something else to complain about.

  • Robert

    Wait a minute, I thought there was a hardware difference between the 2015 and 2016 8.4 Uconnects?!?

    Now all of a sudden there is an update for 2013-2016 Uconnects to have Siri Eyes free….

    What a bunch of BS. Just freaking update all years of Uconnect 8.4’s with current features and stop giving us a the damn run-a-round with “hardware” differences. I literally bought my 2015 $42k truck while the 2016 models were on the lot. I’m fed up with FCA

  • Irv Crump

    I bought a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk with 8.4AN. This navigation system is not worth the money. I cannot enter local well known cities in Colorado and I am concerned that when I travel to other states that I may not be able to find cities for directions. I was told by the dealer “technology expert” that I should use goggle maps thru Bluetooth from my mobile device…so why did I purchase the 8.4AN? Is there a fix for the software.

    • Thomas Torrioni

      Yes. A baseball bat. Between my wife and this us our ninth car with a GPS system in it. This by far the worst GPS system out of all of them. It would s ridiculously primitive and the navigation itself if often wrong or has calculated a route that will take to my destination but has me making unnecessary turns. I am well aware that I can chose between one of three ways to determine how the system calculates a route but it doesn’t make a difference, it still does it. I have over 23,000 miles on this car and it is just under 8 months old. I use the nav a lot. I’ve used Google and Apple maps at the same time I am using the Jeep navy only to find the Jeep has me going the long way. Plus it lacks so many features that Honda yPilot’s nav had. Like I said, it is very primitive.

  • cageordie

    Well, this does nothing to address the shamefully poor navigation in my 2014 JGC. If that is not addressed it will be the last Chrysler product I will ever buy. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

    How about giving me 2014 maps for my 2014 vehicle, then it won’t be as out of date as it was when new. The minimum you should be able to expect is free map upgrades to the date you purchased the vehicle. Even the update they are offering for exorbitant cost is still years out of date.

  • Alex Shimp

    FCA just released an update for certain 2013-2015 models to include Siri Eyes free. and if you go to and put in your VIN and you vehicle fits the model and model year you should see a SIRI UPDATE FOR UCONNECT® 8.4AN_RA4_16_16_13_MY15 – hope this helps

  • JeepGuy2

    Wanted to let everyone know FCA came through and put an update through on 4/29/16 that adds Siri Eyes free for certain 2013-2015 vehicles (16.16.13). I updated my 2015 Grand Cherokee over the weekend and things seem to work as advertised. Far as I can tell this update only adds Siri Eyes free but that is all I really cared about anyway. Link to list of supported vehicles:

  • Gary

    I agree with all of the other complaints. Total B.S. it’s a stereo with software. 4 year old motherboards and 10 year old Microsoft Windows can be updated. Don’t screw all of your 2014 and 2015 customers and say due to limitations.

  • Jared Taylor

    Mr. Driehorst,

    I know there are quite a few differences in the uConnect hardware. But would there be any way that the MY13 and MY14 radios can be granted access to the themes that are loaded onto the radio via the next possible update? I see themes getting written as one of the steps while I performed the last update (15.26.1). Though, there is only one theme that the radio is locked to. Other than that I am pretty happy with my radio. It would be even better if I could access the theme that changes all the highlighting to blue instead of the orange and have the Ram head in the background!! Not really sure why they cant be changed as it sits.

  • Stanley Gill

    I have been searching but can’t find my answer. I have a 2014 with UCONNECT. I have not had an update . My issue with it is that any time I shut off the car bluetooth audio disconnects. I would think that when I start the car back up that it would reconnect and continue to play where it left off… Will an update fix this..? My friends Ford Sync does not have this issue….

  • John Larson

    I would surely like the updates you offer to the new 2016 models …being that I have a 40000 dollar 2015 jeep that I was told would have all the updates offered on the newer models and also its just a good way of doing business with your customers…IS THAT NOT WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!

  • Gbc

    I agree, the lack of upgrades, for loyal, paying customers is a deal breaker. Not even a free year of map updates for navigation. And the fact that it still doesn’t fully support the iphone reply to text is bs
    too! Apple and iphones have had MAP for a long time now. My Jeep will be traded in this year, and it won’t be at a jeep dealership. What to drive next…?

  • Holly Berry Reed

    Last year, after I updated my iphone software then my car Uconnect Software wouldn’t sync. Took a long time for them to upgrade software to make my phone & car compatible again. So, why pay $15/Month with no guarantee the FCS software engineers can keep up with the needed upgrades.
    If I upgrade my iphone to 9.3, does anyone know will my phone & car be incompatible again???????????????????

  • frctldynmx

    Changing the voice assistant? Does ANYONE know how I can change the navigation voice assistant to a different voice? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, I keep asking, “how can I change the voice assistant from the one female accent voice”? No one seems to be taking about it and no one seems to know how. I’ll do anything to change the voice in my car to a different voice. How much will it cost, I’ll pay anything!

    Avenues tried so far:
    -Jeep service centres x2
    -Jeep/Chrysler online forum
    -HERE Maps/Uconnect

    Can’t even get straight answer or someone who knows how I might do this. Surely there is a smart programmer who can modify the voice files in the Uconnect apps manually. People would pay a lot for there favourite actor giving them driving directions. If anyone knows anything about how I might modify the voice on my Uconnect Navigation. I would be so greatful.

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  • emcdonald75

    Chrysler has killed the Chrysler 200/c model. There will only be 2015 and 2016 models sold, and nothing sold after that for the Chrysler 200/c. The least that Chrysler can do is upgrade our cars with software updates to support Android Auto and Apple Carplay or replace the hardware in the vehicle to do so. It is their fault for not making their cars future proof. Also, they have been so busy changing transmissions in the Chrysler 200/c model, they might cannot afford the proper resources to updates the UConnect systems in older cars. I don’t know, but that still sounds like poor design problems from the company. I purchased my car with the understanding that I will receive future software updates to stay current with the latest mobile technologies. I have a fully loaded Chrysler 200c with everything except AWD, and that’s because I could not find one. However, I will never buy a Chrysler again after seeing that my car model was killed a few months after I purchased this car model, poor transmission issues and the uncertainty of software updates for the UConnect systems. I will only look at Honda and Toyota for car purchases moving forward.

  • fredrico stevenson

    This truly disappointing. I worked for a Chrysler dealership and I always hated there products until I just bought a 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee srt. based on what it can do. Hearing this bad new only confirms my true feeling and I will get ride of this truck in 1 years time and NEVER buy a Chrysler product again. we should all do the same and force them back to were they belong in the first place. on the verge of closing their doors for good. Did I mention their customer care sucks and they will lie to you to get you off the phone. I bought a $70,000 performance truck with no spare tire or air pump. Bullshit if you ask me

  • CrazyMac10

    So, no retroactive support for Uconnect that is any older than 2016? Not good customer support.

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  • Andy Williams

    I bought a 2015 Trailhawk a few months ago with the 8.4AN. Will you offer an upgrade to 6 month old models? I figure the 2016 hardware won’t be substantially different – if at all.

    A vehicle costs a lot to keep software locked to a vehicle year so I’m curious if FCA will offer upgrades to sufficient hardware. We’re at a time where ending product lifecycles for no technical reason would feel like an insult if we new the hardware could handle it. I’d never buy a Jeep again if mine doesn’t get Android Auto.

  • shorry

    Wow, just found this on another thread. Either the guy that keeps coming on here saying “The 2016 software is only available on properly equipped
    2016 vehicles because 2016 versions have different hardware than 2015” is misinformed or the “Chrysler representative” from the article I quote is misinformed:

    “I was unable to confirm the exact system-on-a-chip platform used in the
    Pacifica’s Uconnect system, but my previous experience with Uconnect
    Access 8.4 in a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee revealed it was using a Texas
    Instruments (TI) OMAP-DM3730 – a single-core chip with 512MB of RAM. A
    Chrysler representative tells me that this Pacifica uses the same
    hardware as Uconnect Access 8.4, so I’m assuming the TI chip is still
    running the show here.”

    How embarrassing must that be? Their brand new flagship 2017 redesigned minivan wont even have their brand new flagship uconnect with Car Play or Android Auto.

    FCA resistance to support their existing customer base is mind-boggling. Isn’t customer retention easier than new customer acquisition? People want a completely integrated Smart Phone experience in their vehicles ’cause it’s 2016. People will buy the vehicles that support their phones. I don’t think any other feature weighs so heavily now.

  • TomCos
  • cageordie

    Good God. The man actually sounds pleased with himself. Drag and drop menus? With all that is wrong with the 2014 system and all the time you’d had you’ve been yanking your crank and come up with that as the answer to bad navigation and unreliable connection? You have another trivial text feature? Oh wonderful. Well done! Go You! I use a fully updated Samsung Galaxy S6, most of the time the my $50k GC won’t recognize it without restarting, it works great with all the headphones and other bluetooth things I use, never a problem. What use is another texting feature when most of the time the car does not recognize an Android phone that works with everything else? Tell me you replaced the terrible navigation with the occasional super expensive update to still outdated maps with something useful. Well did you. You are hearing the contempt? If you were as bad at everything else as at head units you’d be out of business already. Take a look at another $50k vehicle and see if you can convince yourself this toy interface is useful. I’d love to interview with the developers of this garbage because I’d really like the chance to tell them what I think of the junk they release to users. As a 30 year professional software and systems engineer I am embarrassed for you that you are so far behind the ball.

  • ms5424

    I have read alot of the comments on this page and first I have to say it does suck that anyone with a pre-2016 uconnect cant get the features that the 2016 versions have and FCA should have thought about this. Knowing how fast technology changes, they could have had the radios built with a way to allow for future upgrades at the time they were being made. That being said all of the people on here that keep saying its not a hardware issue has no clue what they are talking about and maybe should do a little research before they open their mouths…I myself own a 13 Ram and my wife owns a 13 Dodge Journey…both with the 8.4, and even though they look exactly the same from the outside they are completely different units. They are both manufactured by different companies the 8.4 in my Ram is made by Harman, while the 8.4 in my wife’s Journey is made by Panasonic. These units are not at all interchangeable and that is because they have completely different HARDWARE, so for them to say that the hardware in different radios are not compatable could be very true. For all I know all of the 2016 radios could have a different manufacturer even in the same family such as the 2016 Ram radios having a different manufacturer then the 2013-2015 Ram radios and that would mean the hardware is definitely different. So before all you people say that their reason is BS why don’t you spend some time doing a little research before calling them out and trying to act like you know what your talking about.

    • GiBraiNe

      So, both vehicles are totally different on hardware but they have the same software (Uconnect 8.4), then it is possible to have same software on different hardware and therefore new software like android car should be compatible with different hardware within previous years old.

  • Peter Horn

    When I was buying I was told that all the updgrades for Uconnect will be
    free. After I got my Challenger I was dissapointed to find out that
    many apps do not work in Canada. Now this lack of commitment with
    customers is just too much.

  • Matt Parrish

    The Uconnect 8.4 in my 2014 Journey and in my 2015 Dart GT has been a HUGE disappointment. The hardware is stuck in 2010, with the horsepower of a 1st gen Android phone. The system in the Journey has been replaced TWICE in 1 year because of the maps memory corruption issue that bricks the system. Hell–the current Uconnect 8.4 systems aren’t even 100% compatible with newer Apple and Android operating systems! (Works great eith an old iphone 4 with iOS 6!)

    These older 8.4 systems **can** support the addition of Siri Eyes Free. The decision to apply this to only 2016 models because some bean counter in Italy decided that it could be a premium feature to get people to buy 2016 models.

    In short–once FCA has your money, they quit caring.

  • TomCos

    Almost spent 60K on a Grand Cherokee today. Thank god I didn’t. Any company playing the “new hardware needed” game deserves to go out of business. When FCA announces a full feature-set upgrade across all Uconnect 8.4 devices, maybe I’ll look at Jeep again, until then, the Ford Edge offers the same features as the GC, and the car parks itself!

  • Ben

    A nearly $60,000 JGC Summit and I cannot reply to a text on my iphone. This is nothing short of larceny on behalf of FCA and UConnect. FIGURE IT OUT!!!!

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  • Dennis Thompson

    You’ve got my last 60K if you refuse to update. What a bunch of BS… my 2015 has obsolete hardware? Your management is obslete

  • Kaleem Azeem

    Hi, I have a Jeep SRT 2015. I live in Dubai and purchased it from my dealership in DUbai. But there is no WiFi and Siri systems enabled in it. I just need to know whether these systems and including the latest updates will be enabled for us too here in this region? Your response in this will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    • 2015 Duranago R/T

      I am shocked that FCA has not responded to any of these customer complaints. I am a Durango R/T full load owner, and would also like these updates. I have to question that there are any hardware differences, that cannot accommodate a software update. Come on FCA – Get on this !!!!

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  • tb556

    I have a 2016 Journey and am unable to get album art or song information to display from my android phone, anyone have a workaround?

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  • okpud

    For any that didn’t see the FCA announcement at CES this week, there is a 4th generation Uconnect system due out for “select models” later this year. Among numerous HW updates for the screen and processing, it also adds Android Auto and Apple Car Play support. It looks like all new hardware, so likelihood of getting Android Auto or Apple Car Play support on any of the existing 2016 and before Uconnect systems seems small. Hopefully the new 4th gen systems will also support 4G LTE instead of just Sprints 3G EVDO CDMA.

    From the CES PR Anouncement:

    “Fourth-generation Uconnect systems

    In 2016, FCA will introduce a portfolio of Uconnect systems that include capacitive touchscreens, performance improvements of faster startup time, enhanced processing power, heightened touchscreen responsiveness, vivid touchscreens with improved resolution and brightness, the Uconnect 8.4 NAV system, and select others within the global portfolio will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    Apple CarPlay: Apple CarPlay provides drivers with a smarter, safer way to use an iPhone inside a car. Apple CarPlay seamlessly integrates an iPhone with the car’s built-in display and controls in addition to featuring Siri voice control. Now drivers can make phone calls, access music, send and receive messages, get directions optimized for traffic conditions and more while staying focused on the road.

    Android Auto: Android Auto automatically provides drivers with a safer way to use Android while driving. The system will share useful information while you drive and makes it easy to access the best of Google. It features: Google Maps with free voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, lane guidance; on-demand access to 30 million songs with Google Play Music; the ability to place phone calls or send and receive messages while keeping your hands on the wheel; and ask Google search any question. Android Auto also makes it easy to access popular apps and content from the Uconnect system’s touchscreen.”

  • Sean Callahan

    Has anything changed with this? I can’t image that hardware differences would have any difference in how software can be updated. Doesn’t make any sense why 2015 8.4s can’t be updated. Btw, isn’t the new system an 8.4 as well? If they wanted to pull this off they should have called the 2016 system 9.0.

  • okpud

    And it’s already obsolete… Looks like you’ll need a 4th gen Uconnect, which won’t ship until later this year, to get Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Also, look at the top picture in the article and you’ll see three magic letters on the left side of the screen… LTE! Basically, this announcement just told me not to buy a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but to wait until the 2017 are released late this year w/ a 4th Gen Unconnect system.

  • mel scott


    In North America, all 2017 Ford models with
    the company’s Sync 3 infotainment platform will have CarPlay and Android
    Auto. Ford says owners of 2016 models will have the opportunity to
    upgrade “later this year.” There are more than 15 million Sync
    3-equipped vehicles on roads around the world today and 43 million
    expected by 2020, according to Ford.

    Later this year, Ford says it will introduce the next
    version of AppLink based on SmartDeviceLink software, an upgrade that
    will let owners access their favorite compatible navigation app—like
    they might do on a smartphone.

  • mel scott

    I am not paying 14.99/month for uconnect access a system that never updates its software!

  • Chris Busacco

    OK…… tomorrow I am going to stop at a dodge / Ram dealer… look over the lot for a 2016 ram that has the 8.4 take a pic of the vin then go to the uconnect site use that vin to update my system. Wish me luck

    • Sean Callahan

      haha did that work?

  • Ben Sloman

    I think it’s time for an update on this article

  • Dan

    FCA has not figured out that in order to secure brand loyalty one has to continue to support their products. In a modern age functional software updates to existing products are imperative to securing this. Customers will be upset if these features are not passed on. The irony is that software updates are a very inexpensive way to achieve this. Car companies are incredibly slow in adopting new paradigms and simply fail to understand that consumers of technology expect software updates more substantial than bug fixes. Currently they are operating under what has historically worked for them, taking your money and running, hoping that they can entice you to spend your money again.

    We cannot blame Mike for copy and pasting nonsensical FCA talking points, because for all we know he may be right. FCA could have made the software very labor intensive to update from the way its coded, but logic would conclude that having so many makes and models to cars running essentially the same software, it is probably not the case. In fact, all you have to do is take a look inside the disk image (.iso) file for their firmware updates to realize that all of the logos from the FCA family bundled up there, so this message was probably passed down from an engineer hoping we would not notice. And you can probably forget whatever the dealer said about software upgrades because of all the aforementioned reasons.

  • Abe

    I just bought a 2016 jeep Cherokee and I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 (which I’ve owned since 2014). Most of my phonebook syncs, but some contacts don’t. I used the assist button to talk to customer support. They said uconnect isn’t fully compatible yet with “the new Samsung phones”. If the phone is older than the car, but it’s the car’s fault, which one is behind the times? I really hope you guys step up your game on keeping your technology up to date.

    • Arif Ahmed

      I had a similar issue. I can’t remember what I did exactly but it had something to do with how my contacts were set up. You know how you can display or add a contact under your phone storage? Or Google, Samsung, Verizon account, etc. I believe the issue was caused by my facebook account syncing it’s contacts with my phone because when I disabled the sync for my facebook contacts, the problem just happened to disappear. If that is the reason, it could be due to too many contacts or some glitch caused by linking facebook contacts to my Google contacts. I hope this helps. Lemme know if you end up fixing it on your car

  • John Larson

    I’m not one to hijack my phone or my car info center /stereo but I surlly would like to know about this deal jeep has made with apple on this carplay I’m in a 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited with an 8.4na system.

  • John Larson


  • David Johnson

    Internally designated Uconnect 8.4AN, the 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system adds five big updates for the 2016 model year. Other than the improved voice recognition accuracy and noise cancellation software, a Do Not Disturb feature has been added for drivers who don’t want to be interrupted from driving.


  • OpticDisc

    I love how Ford just announced they were adding Siri control to 5 million radios going back to 2011, but FCA can’t figure it out for cars going back as far as 2013. That’s pretty sad

  • shazbot

    I just bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler Hard Rock edition and wasted about $1200 on having the 430N as an option. I guess I should have opted for the crappy base 130 radio and bought my own aftermarket radio? I love my jeep for what it is, but I hate how unconnected the alleged UCONNECT radios are. Even the Sirius free trial period requires you to update a credit card and sign up for the renewal before you can decline the automatic renewal. Seriously, is FCA that desperate for cash from SiriausXM that they cannot enforce a half-assed customer service experience? And to top that off your iPhone connectivity with connect is just as half assed?

  • Bill Higgins

    Guess I bought the wrong car – 2015 Chrysler 200… Look what Ford announced today. This is a simple update, yet big on added safety. It is such a shame that FCA/Chrysler does not seem to care about past customers and provide a similar update. My son, who has a Ford Fusion is very happy. Can’t say the same for me as this is the ONE update I would like from the 2016 version in my car.

    Ford adds Siri Eyes Free functionality to 5 million of its cars

  • Moe Young

    I bought a new 2011 and even back then they told me there would be updates as new phones were released. They have never done an update and they never will. When I am finished with this vehicle (which is a great car) I will never purchase any vehicle associated with GMC, Jeep, Dodge, or Chrysler. I now can’t use my system at all with the newer phones. Not even as general usage. My phone can’t pick up uconnect at all and vise versa.

  • Robert Grabowski

    My 2016 300C does not change between 2d & 3d on the nav system. Is that normal?

  • MrGorates

    I recently purchased 2016 RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn, Uconnect 2016 updates many features are work only for US, there is limited updates applies for Canada. Such as Uconnect registration, Uconnect Access App, Uconnect App Store for only US, I think the Chrysler being really cheap on it. Can you imaning that you’re paying $80K for a luxury pick up truck, many features shown Chrysler and Uconnect website and also advertised, that is not available on your purchased truck. I love the truck, but I am big disappointed for such a small details, which they don’t add it on in Canada.

  • TheBigDipper

    Just bought a loaded 300C Platinum yesterday. Well at least I THOUGHT
    it was loaded. Turns out I can’t reply to any text messages with my
    Apple iPhone6 (hardly an uncommon phone). I can’t send any text
    messages. Connecting my music from the iPhone is a no go. And now I
    find out that if I had waited a few more months I might get a real
    info-tainment system but I’m screwed for buying a 2015 and not waiting.
    Needless to say I’m not impressed with FCA in the least so far and I
    think I’ll be contacting my dealer with the intention of returning the
    vehicle. Fortunately I purchase 20+ vehicles a year and I have no
    problem placing FCA onto the No-Buy List.

  • Marc Strzodka

    Do we have any updates on this ? I have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee and would love to get this update. Please explain what the difference is between the 2016 unit and 2015 unit ? As far as i know the 8.4 AN has the most memory also for the NAVI to show 3D – the 8.4 A only can get an upgrade for Navi in 2D due to the lack of memory. I would also pay for a SWAP to a 2016 unit if this is necessary to get those features. Been a nerd and computer geek – I know 100% that the software can be changed for the “older” units or just leave parts out give us at least a clear answer – I also saw the article that Ford is going to add Siri Eyez Free to 2011 car models .. and their radio suck big time. For all – Siri WORKS already – you have to turn on the HEY SIRI feature – when you are driving just say “HEY SIRI” the bluetooth switches to the cellphone and you can do what you want – schedule meetings , txt people everything – it’s JUST not by pushing the button on the wheel – so @Mike – what is the PROBLEM here to push the button instead of saying “HEY SIRI!” ? it does work very well – I played around with it and use it now daily – One last question what ever happen to the promised updated for Destination to Vehicle ? this was one SELLING POINT for me – able to send my next destination out of my address book from the phone to my navi. I would appreciate if we get some REAL answers here if we can HOPE or JUST forget about it and move on and never by a FCA any more – We bought also a Fiat 500x which was advertised online at with UCONNECT ACCESS and Pandora – IHeart Radio etc (same as my 8.4 AN) so we bought the Trekking Plus with 6.2 AN and now NO UCONNECT ACCESS nor APPS on the NAVI .. that was a BIG disappointment for my wife but she still loves her YELLOW “TWEETY” 🙂 Looking forward to hear from you.

    • TheBigDipper

      I agree. The premise that we can’t update the 2015 because the 2016 is different hardware is hogwash. It’s tantamount to saying we can’t load Windows 8 on your Windows 7 computer because your hardware is different. It’s not a matter of FCA CAN’T do it … it’s a matter of FCA deciding they WON’T do it.

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  • Matt

    Will uconnect support LTE now?

  • James Vreeken

    Uconnect blows… wasn’t the whole point of having a digital dashboard so that you could constantly put out updates to improve upon? Music over Bluetooth in my dodge dart doesn’t even show the artist or title of the song, let alone the artwork… I will never buy a dodge again. AVRCP should at least be integrated in an update so I can see what is playing… what it really comes down to is that your development team is sorely lacking and that you guys are not interested in supporting your customers, and you are obviously oblivious to market share when it comes to what devices you should be supporting and how.

    • Eric

      You should at least get Artist/Title over bluetooth, unless your system is a couple generations old. My 2014 8.4A provides artist/title over BT with an iPhone 5. Album art is not supported unless you connect via USB.

      • James Vreeken

        Nope, doesn’t show anything, just my phone’s name…

        • {DRO}

          i just recently purchased a 2016 Journey R/T & i have the same issue with my Uconnect radio. i cannot access messages as well as artist name & song title not displaying on the screen. Another thing i noticed is that the “repeat” & “shuffle” buttons are also not available. My 2014 RAM did not experience these issues & that radio is 2-3yrs older. My question is why/how does this “new” radio not have all the functionality as previous radios? It makes no sense to me for newer radios to have less functions. Now given my radio doesnt display song titles how is that better/safer?….since i have to look at my phone to see songs. seems like instead of adding features! features were taken away.

          fyi: my service tech told me thats how those radios are & chrysler will put out updates (i dont think that the issues above should be missing in the first place)…he also told me that artist name & song titles are displayed when using an AUX or using the USB connections…again those are steps back & not forward in the claims of “newer, better, more efficient”

          fyi: called uconnect explained the issues…i have an LG G3<< not compatible with messaging i was told, but LG G2 is & that phone model is 2-3yrs older.


          • FredTrue

            That’s because your Journey has a radio that is 2 generations old and doesn’t have the system being discussed here. I know because I have a Journey too.

            And your salesman and service tech are clueless at best – the only way you get album art and names on the 8.4 and 8.4N (note – I’m not discussing the ‘A’ series) is to put your music on an SD card, a USB key or in your iPod – and then switch on the out-of-date-and-never-updated Gracenotes.

            My Galaxy S5 and my Windows phone running Windows 10 both support texting, by the way – not that I ever use anything beyond the ‘read my text to me’ option.

  • justice37

    what about international character display? (adding more fonts especially for Asian languages)

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  • Sean Bureau

    I think the response that different hardware make’s it impossible to apply the 2016 updates is BS. Software can be made to work on various hardware setups. FCA / JEEP simply doesn’t want to spend the money to port some or all of the new 2016 features to the 2015 models. Today, Ford announced that they are adding Siri Eyes Free to models as old as 2011 with 2nd Gen Sync. That’s how you do it. FCA is being cheap and living in the past when this type of customer experiance was the norm, now people expect and deserve better.

    • Maximian

      They want you to buy a new car. Their business model is stuck in the past, which is why they’ll eventually lose the car industry to Apple, Google, and Tesla.

      • mel scott

        The only thing this GUARANTEES is that when I do purchase a new car is that it won’t be from FCA! Shame because I love my JGC. But I’ll definitely look at a Ford Explorer next time if they don’t get this update out to everyone in 2014 or newer vehicle! I hope you are reading this FCA Uconnect Engineers!

      • cageordie

        I will not be buying from them again.

      • William Quapp

        Ditto to all of the above. If FCA wants any customer loyalty, they better start upgrading the UCONNECT software. I have a 2015 Ram 1500.

        I am going to buy my wife a mid size SUV and the CHEROKEE Limited would be my choice. However, so far, the dealer can’t seem to tell me what whether the 2017 model will have Android Auto or Apple Play.

        Unless I get info soon, I will become a first time Hyundai buyer. The Santa Fe Sport 2T has it all!

    • mel scott

      I agree… If FCA screws this up they have lost me as a customer. Just give me the Siri Eyes Free update and I’ll be happy. The only reason I went with Jeep again was because of the nice new Uconnect system. They said I would receive updates of new features for a while. Well I got a few and they were nothing to write home about, bug fixes mostly. The darn VR still doesn’t recognize spoken street addresses for navigation. Siri Eyes Free would address this! For a system that is only 2 years old the hardware excuse is LAME!

    • Tom Giacondra

      Yes that’s correct…the company believes their customers are stupid…yet many of us are engineers, software coders, and scientists…this type of attitude from the dumbass at corporate show us, their customers…it’s time to move on to their competitors since they think so low of people willing to spend $50k on their prpdicts…screw them.

      • cageordie

        Wow! Ditto! Speaking as an EE with 30 years in embedded realtime systems and software.

    • Tom Giacondra

      Yes that’s correct…the company believes their customers are unintelligent..yet many of us are engineers, software coders, and scientists…this type of attitude from the geniuses at corporate show us, their customers…it’s time to move on to their competitors since they think so low of people willing to spend $50k on their prpdicts.

    • Chester Copeland

      I fully agree with the above comments. It looks like FCA expects us to buy a new car every couple of years in order to stay abreast of the latest technology. I think I will look for alternatives to OEM junk.

    • David Graves

      I found the same to be true about the Town & Country. Both the User Guide and Owners Manual describe options that should function as published, but they do not and Chrysler refuses to fix them. Perhaps because they are stopping production of this model after the end of the 2016 sales year. Good thing California has a Lemon Law.

    • Harold

      Funny how a 3rd party such as can produce a system that integrates Android but FCA can’t (or won’t)

    • MCSWEG’D

      i would argue ford customers need it more than chrysler customers. anything short of sync 3 is garbage, where as uconnect has always been a competent system.

  • Steve

    Will Android Auto be added to 2015 models? I just bought a 300s and the salesman said I had NAV and when I went to use it, I didn’t have it. I called the dealer and they tell me out is $600 to activate, I am not happy. With android auto, I could just link with Google maps.

  • Esteban McCrorey

    And still 2011-2013 Uconnect is left behind! No updates, no new features..

  • Oliver

    How long do we have to stay tuned? I have tried to get in touch with you on all media channels possible and am yet to receive a reply from you. Why is that? The information policy at FCA is a bad as anywhere else. It’s a pity, guess next car will not be from FCA.

    • @disqus_Ptx5Yd1aXE:disqus: Sorry for the late reply but I don’t have a good answer for you. The 2016 software is only available on properly equipped 2016 vehicles because 2016 versions have different hardware than 2015.

      • Eric

        Different hardware on the 2016 doesn’t mean some or all of these features cannot be added to our older 8.4A/AN systems. Ford just added SIRI Eyes Free to their SYNC 2 equipped vehicles all the way back to 2011 at no cost. They did this even though they have abandoned Microsoft and gone to QNX in SYNC 3. So, my 2012 Ford still gets support. My 2014 Ram?

        • Eric

          Looks like Honda has also added functionality to their 2013+ systems, including Siri Eyes Free. So now my wife’s Honda and my daughters Ford have both been updated.

      • John Ryan

        That is hardly a sufficient answer. If you are not willing to provide software updates that allow older hardware devices to take advantage of the added functionality in the newer hardware then you will lose business period. Additionally, you need to add apple CarPlay and android auto compatibility immediately. All of the Fiat owned brands are listed as being compatible with CarPlay but here we are at the end of 2015 and all you guys are are focused on is tooling around with locking your previous customers out of the new functionality in Uconnect because they have “old hardware”. Get a clue FCS… I won’t be buying a Jeep again if this is how your company operates.

      • Rafał Kuśmider

        Will I be able to change at an additional cost for new radio in WK2 2015? What is the cost? Make available to its customers a special offer?

      • Music

        @FiatChrysler_MikeDriehorst:disqus With all due respect, I share the sentiments from everyone who has posted here about their desire to be able to upgrade their 8.4 UConnect systems to the 2016 software release. I will resist the opportunity to rant, as I realize you are only the messenger. Please reply to this question, as most of your responses are from about 6 months ago or more. Have there been any further developments or changes in plans over the past couple of months to move forward with supporting loyal 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners such as myself with this software upgrade? I am most interested in Siri Eyes Free and Apple Car Play. I look forward to hearing about the current status. Thank you in advance.

        • Arif Ahmed

          ^^@Music Agreed^^

          @Mike Driehorst-Fiat Chrysler, we understand you’re just the messenger but every response you posted, or at least the last 6 that I noticed answers absolutely nothing! In fact all you’ve been doing is rephrasing the same exact bull$hit response over and over. AT LEAST ANSWER THIS! CAN I AT *CKING LEAST UPGRADE MY 3RD GENERATION UCONNECT HARDWARE TO THE 4TH GENERATION HARDWARE?? Which is still bull$h!t cuz never did I think that my brand new 8.4N uconnect system for the new 200 model would be OBSOLETE WITHIN A YEAR?? but again please tell me I can upgrade the hardware at least??? PLEASE JUST ANSWER THIS ONE GOD DAMN QUESTION PLEASE!!!!!

      • Gbc

        Wow, huge company mistake! Look at all the repeat business you will be loosing…just read the jeep boards and these messages. We pay monthly for a system that doesnt get updates, doesnt fully support the iphone, still, despite it being the number one selling smart phone! Do the share holders know about these company decisions? I will be trading my 2014 Jeep in this year, but it will not be for another, and it is because of the lack of a software upgrade, for a system I am paying for. Go check out Audi, or even Ford, or the other companies. You really do get what you are paying for! Good luck with the bone headed business decisions, no way they can be serving anyone well. You have lost another customer, and I am one of thousands!

  • Robert Spires

    Is there any updated news on a CarPlay upgrade for 2015 8.4an systems? I just purchases a 2015 Big Horn and i am an iOS user and I would really like the functionality

  • kgunn

    Mike, any updates as to whether FCA is going to give us 2015 owners the update? I’ve spent $70,000 on my Hellcat and another $40,000 on my Sahara. They had better offer me the upgrade on my Hellcat or lets say I’m no longer a customer of FCA

  • James DeForrest

    When can we expect to use miracast or the possibility to use those big screens for video? I spend a lot of time in my 2015 ram and would love the ability to watch a movie while sitting still.

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  • These seem like great updates, but does the inclusion of Siri Eyes free mean that CarPlay support is off the table? Adding CarPlay would be the linchpin in getting me to finally pull the trigger.

  • I am a long time Apple user, and bought my 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk with the 8.4AN a couple weeks ago. I’m very interested in this update.

  • okpud

    Will the wireless modem remain tied to Sprint’s 3G CDMA network in the US? This has been a factor in delaying my new vehicle purchase, as I plan to keep a new car longer than Sprint will be able to provide proper 3G CDMA data coverage. Any word on when we can expect a 4G/LTE modem in Uconnect systems?

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  • KLV

    Siri Eyes Free and Drag and Drop for 2015 models, please!!

  • Pingback: 2016 order date - Page 2 - Dodge Challenger Forum: Challenger & SRT8 Forums () () ()()

  • Shaun Gupta

    Sounds like some awesome new features! I *just* ordered a new Charger (with the 2015 8.4AN system) last week, so I’m very much hoping these features migrate over to 2015 vehicles. I realize there are two different hardware configurations for 2015 – the 8.4A (the “base” 8.4 model with 8GB memory – Nav can be added later, but not with 3D) and the 8.4AN (the “premium” model with built-in-Nav, 3D support, HD radio, and 16GB memory). Can you verify if the hardware (processor, memory, etc.) for the 8.4AN is the same for 2016, or has it changed as well? I read on a Jeep forum a customer service representative told a 2015 owner inquiring about this that current 8.4AN’s should be getting the update, so I’m hoping that’s correct information (though I realize it’s early days and that could have been a miscommunication). I’ll be eager for some clarification on this!

    • TheBigDipper

      FCA’s stock answer: “The 2016 software is only available on properly equipped 2016 vehicles because 2016 versions have different hardware than 2015.” So nope. By the time you get your brand new Charger, your system will be obsolete. Welcome to the Chrysler family Sir.

  • Hodor

    Any idea if the 2015 cars can be updated with new firmware/software so they too can enjoy these cool new features?

    • No timeframe nor details yet, but our Uconnect team is looking at compatibility and what can be upgraded from previous 8.4 systems. For now, best we can say is stay tuned.

      • lucasajackson

        Please don’t pull a GM and offer no feature life cycle for your software products… Uconnect was a big reason for me switching back to Chrysler, because it offered regular software updates and better usability.

        • mel scott

          Agreed!!! Any vehicle with the newer ucconect systems should be able to be upgraded with new features (2014+).

          • Chester Copeland

            Had any thought been given during the design phase of Uconnect, ALL 8.4 systems should be upgradable even if it required hardware module replacements. Nobody should be placing software features in a vehicle that has a life expectancy less than the approximately 10 year life of a vehicle. Indeed, the vehicle manufactures could make a handsome profit selling software feature updates to the likes of Uconnect. Think Microsoft!

      • Brett Dwyer

        Agree with @lucasajackson:disqus. The use of QNX in the new Uconnect systems enables simple upgrades to add features, like these awesome features demonstrated above. Please don’t leave us hanging. As technology changes rapidly, the ability to upgrade the infotainment systems in our expensive long term automobile investments is critical. FCA has an opportunity here to make a statement and be a pioneer in this space. Uconnect already has the best UI of any QNX based system on the market… now capitalize on it, please. 😀

        • Derick

          I agree with the previous comments. I have a 2014 Durango Citadel and the UConnect system played a substational role in my decision to purchase this vehicle. I feel it would be a mistake to limit the new functionality to only the newest model years. This is my first experience with Dodge and it seems a waste of resources to have these great features only available in each new model year like it’s an iPhone. These cars cost so much, it would be great to have some loyalty to your owners in offering them upgrades via firmware roll outs. It would go a long way in future brand purchasing decisions.

      • mikek

        Can you comment if there a policy to attempt to roll new features to your existing customers with previous model years? Sure doesn’t look like you are making an effort since the 2014’s haven’t gotten the 2015 features even with the new update.

        • @disqus_BsU5tfxWzo:disqus: Due to hardware differences in the 2016 Uconnect compared to 2015 models, previous versions can’t be updated to the 2016 software.

          • mikek

            Totally understand when there’s a hardware issue.

            But why not add things when its possible?

            For instance why don’t 13/14’s get vehicle health reports like 15’s? You’re downloading data from my 14 all the time- I see you folks have my mileage regularly uploaded on, you scanned my radio to check the software version to clear my recall when I downloaded the update. So if your constantly scanning my 14 for various bits of info, why not send me the email once a month for the $150 annual fee?

            Just one example, not really a specific question. Mostly curious if we can ever expect new features for the $150 annual fee?


          • Chris Busacco

            THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT…..give us the firmware and software. Lets see how truthful you are, Post schematics for the 8.4 2013 to 2016. I bet there is not one chip change. I have a 48k ram 1500 limited with every option, and you tell us we cant get the new firmware. Fiat Chrysler updated and released the security fix in 20 days across all platforms and your telling us its a hardware issue !

          • Tony Moore

            I agree with you Chris, this is BS it’s a software issue not hardware.

          • Dan Miller

            This is why you guys have issues. Its a new day and its about being connected. You guys have missed the boat here with the software upgrades and you have missed the boat with your cloud pricing model. Until you guys start to understand that million people paying $5/month is better than 100,000 paying $15/month it won’t get better and Apple will eventually own every car infotainment system. People won’t pay for a cloud model that isn’t updating to the newest technology. You need to support all hardware for at least 3 years.

          • ARG


          • Cynthia Cox Richardson

            This is soooo depressing. I have a 2014 Durango and an iPhone 6. The Uconnect system drops my phone several times a day during conversations. I was hoping an update existed that would make the system more compatible with my phone. I bet I’ll do more research the next time I purchase a vehicle.

          • Andy Williams

            Not only that, if you call their story line they don’t troubleshoot technical issues. The only thing they’ll do is address getting you activated for their subscription services. When I brought a technical issue to them they said their IT department does that stuff. Huh. You mean the pimply guy that fixes your printer made UConnect? I’d expect it be a department with a name involving the word engineer.
            I actually emailed one of the hackers that did the whole exposé on the UConnect software hack to ask who he spoke with there and if they had a different support line for technical issues. He replied it’s been a while since he dealt with FCA (apparently he had to hack UConnect to talk to technical people) and wished me luck.

          • Zachary White

            This is crap, my 50,000 truck i just bought 3 months ago will not get any updates because of hardware???

            Why did i spend 50,000 on the best of the best……

          • Andy Williams

            I don’t believe you. I’ve been upgrading ROMs on phones and operating systems on PC’s ever since I was a kid. I’ve gone so far as patching and compiling kernels on my cellphone on my own – just to do it. You’re dealing with several generations that know these things. Heck, I know 14 year olds who port current Android versions to 5 year old devices. And this is a computer wrapped in a $30,000+ vehicle.

            If you’re marketing a product that people use daily for 10+ years that has software as a service in it why limit the customer base each year? That’s a silly business model if there is a sufficient I computer inside.

            It’s an ARM DM3730 Cortex A8 with GPS, Bluetooth, and cell connections. It’s ui isn’t intensive, doesn’t play games… Probably has a workload of an old iPod… except I’m sure it’s logging a bunch of stuff FCA can use to dispute warranty claims- like if someone didn’t change their oil according to schedule. “Oops, you didn’t keep your tires inflated to 36psi. We can’t honor that drivetrain failure.”

            That’s the only purpose I could see why I’d have a cellphone and GPS signal in my car I can’t disable… nor did I sign anything saying that I wanted these communications active. The whole product sounds suspicious, really.

          • frctldynmx

            Speaking of updating software. Can ANYONE tell me how I can change the voice assistant voice of 2015 Jeep Cherokee? I will do anything to be able to change the voice assistant to anything other than the one female voice in the current settings?

            If a programmer knows how to custom modify the audio files to an even more interesting voice character, that is even better.

          • Ron Haufler

            So my question is, will the existing 2016 model year vehicles get the Android Auto update or is it that the FCA is shipping the next generation uconnect with the 2017 model year vehicles..? Because we all know for example that the 2016’s are built in 2015 with 2015 uconnect. So if we’re all not eligible for any kind of software upgrade, could we at least physically swap out for the new unit?

          • Derek

            So will 2016 get Android Auto then? Since it’s the new hardware

          • Daniel Malito

            Baloney. It may take a different code, but its possible just fine. They just don’t want to do it, they want people to buy new cars. If Ford can do it back to 2011, Jeep should be able to. Connect charging 14.99 a month for something that isn’t even compatible with the most popular smart phone in the country is a huge snub to consumers who pay a LOT of money for a car.

      • bmc

        please dear god, integrate android auto and make it backwards compatible for 2014+ years… IF YOU DO YOU WILL HAVE 1 MILLION CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE GUARANTEED.

        seriously, these are the kind of actions that will probably cost Ram somewhere between $1-$10M, and turns existing owners into raving advocates.. much more effective than blowing $5M in marketing dollars about angry dudes driving around after watching sons of anarchy.

        • Robert Hilligus

          Chevy has already said they are updating their display with Android Auto this year. FCA needs to do the same!

        • Andre Meaux

          I agree!! What is taking Chrysler so long to get with the program and add Android Auto?!?

      • Maximian

        Uconnect is the main reason why I bought a 2015 Chrysler 200. I wouldn’t have bought it were it not for the tech features in the car. If Chrysler doesn’t provide upgrades, they’re at risk of losing their market share to Silicon Valley. The future of cars is in the integration of internet, social media, cloud computing, and automation. Be bold, Chrysler, and don’t let Apple eat your lunch.

      • Squirejim

        I have to agree with everyone else here….ESPECIALLY since my dealer told me the update to the firmware for iPhones and drag-and-drop was coming “in a few months” when I bought my 2015 Durango R/T two months ago…PLEASE make this happen!

        • Clint Young

          I just purchased a Durango R/T a week ago, and was told the same thing!!!! I’m going to be really upset if this update doesn’t come. Especially after spending 50k for all the options!

          Things like that will force people to root their uConnect system. I’d really like to keep things stock though.

        • En Travers

          Mine too. Was told updates for noise cancellation were coming in the new year, as I had asked how the Bluetooth quality was – which is unusable when driving (wind noise, 2015 Cherokee trailhawk).

          No updates are coming, brand new vehicle and it’s already obsolete. Can’t wait to find out how long it’ll be before that 8.4″ screen doesn’t work with tomorrow’s tech

      • Moe Young

        right you have had four years to update my system. Your nothing but a pr BS’er.

      • Jake Bartley

        There should be no reason you can’t upgrade the old 8.4’s which appear to be the exact same hardware, less maybe a sticker on the back that has a different part number because of the software version. Being that a lot of this Uconnect stuff requires a monthly fee, anyone who’s paying the fee should be kept up to date with the latest and greatest software otherwise your just ripping people off.

        I can understand when the model change finally comes around and you start slapping Uconnect 8.7’s in there or something then fine, you can leave behind the old model 8.4, but until then, all the 8.4’s should receive all new updates. Unless your cool with ripping people off.

      • dan ski

        Here is the sad thing everyone, I’ve noticed the someone from Unconnect, FCA or Fiat-Chrysler only responds to softball questions on this site vs dealing with the hard-nosed questions coming from current customers. The cold hard fact is that they have already made their choice, they are going to do what they are going to do. Their focus is not really on preserving the customer experience of current uconnect customers, lets all be realistic on that fact. Unconnect, FCA & Fiat-Chrysler don’t know the first thing about what they are doing within this space, don’t believe me, just look at the product itself- its a great start but its wildly incomplete and its just a matter of time for another company (Google, Apple) to take this to the next step. I could further elaborate on a multitude of things regarding that Unconnect, FCA or Fiat-Chrysler are missing the boat on but lets everyone clam down and realize that your next car purchase will not solely be due to a product/feature like Uconnect- because my guess is by 2018 most of our cars will be operating in tandem with our smartphones thus alleviating these companies the burden of making a complete product. I can tell you one thing, these guys want a way to boost their annual revenue by charging us for per month for having access to Uconnect- well they failed to bring a product to market to achieve that goal! What, I’m going to pay per month for Uconnect access just to be able to start my car from my desk inside my office?! NO! Sorry, Unconnect, FCA or Fiat-Chrysler- you missed the boat boys, there is so much more potential but you failed to recognize the landscape of the consumer/tech market has changed. If you think people are going to upgrade to a new car sooner simply for a head-unit upgrade, well your mistaken! Apple can get away with it because a new phone is cheaper then a new car- I mean the economics of it are completely different- furthermore, they seem to make more complete products and yet their older models still get handsome software upgrades.
        Sorry everyone, these guys are out of their league!!! So Disappointing!!!!!

      • Robert M Boetticher Jr

        I just purchased a new 2015 Ram with uconnect 8.4. I am disappointed to see these updates are not available on my truck, I purchased the RAM specifically for the technology. Please take the backwards compatibility need seriously as this will simply build brand loyalty.

      • rafakoy

        I have a Dodge Journey RT 2016 with 8.4 system and I still haven’t hear anything, can’t ad Carplay or anything.

    • kavenr

      As a 2014 Jeep Cherokee owner, I’ll say don’t hold your breath. The 2015 features were never added to the 2014.

      • En Travers

        Same thing with the 15’s. Mine isn’t going to catch an update. Not surprising but it’s pretty pathetic after dropping 46k on a TH

    • Sorry for the late reply but don’t have a good answer for you Hodor. The 2016 software is only available on properly equipped
      2016 vehicles because 2016 versions have different hardware than 2015.

      • Edgar Sanchez

        iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4s all have different hardware.

        They are all still able to run iOS 9 and able to take advantage of the majority of the features that iOS 9 brings.

        Please attempt to add features to 2014 vehicles.

        If you’re not willing to do that, then at the very least, come up with a way for your dealerships to upgrade 2014 and 2015 Uconnect hardware to 2016. And try your hardest to give us a fair price.

        • En Travers

          Agreed. Provide an avenue for upgrades.

      • bribert

        This is totally unacceptable. I bought a 2015 200 two months ago and software not updateable for features?? Give me a break. Please give better details than “different hardware”. Which “hardware”. Details please. A button on a mirror? I work with software for years. Huge problem if this will be the policy. I smell lots of cars being returned. Perhaps we should open the a thread on the software taking over accelerator?? Mine speeds up at 37 kph while tranny is downshifting from 5 to 4. I was told by FCA rep to allow it to “learn” my driving habits. Hmmm.. learn what? that i am pressing the brake? I suppose i could give this as a reason to return the car.

        With that off my chest… Besides that i actually love the car!!! Just be reasonable with customers. 2015 clients will not be “new” clients for a few years. Keep that in mind.

      • Shawn Johns

        Why are we paying the same subscription fee for Less options then? I spent 50,000 on this fully loaded 2014 JGC eco diesel. Fix it. Or remove the fee if our features are not going to be updated.

      • cageordie

        This is a pathetic response. You chose to fit dirt cheap hardware and downgraded navigation from the previous Garmin system to maximize your profit. You need to give your software and systems guys a damned hard kick in the nuts and tell them to get this sorted out. I have developed military avionics and have spent the last ten years on super fast flash storage systems. What you have delivered is a poorly thought out and bug ridden excuse for a system which I was forced to pay for to have the GC Diesel. The only thing you did well was make the unreliable junk impossible to replace with something decent. There’s about $200 or hardware in one of these head units. Nice to be able to actually express my irritation where a Chrysler person might see it, but I really think I am talking to myself. You need to replace your software people on this job with some who know their business and are interested in earning their pay.

      • CrazyMac10

        Then simply recompile and reconfigure it for the slightly older (1 year) hardware in the 2015 Uconnect. Don’t kid around with techies, we know what can be done, the only question is whether you WANT to do it or not!

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