2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 

Dealers | February 27 2015

Avoiding Hellcat ordering disappointment

FCA US LLC has been extremely pleased with the public excitement over the introduction of the 2015 Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat models. The tremendous public response has driven demand for these vehicles to unprecedented levels. Overall, our independently owned and operated Dodge dealers have been doing a great job managing Hellcat orders. However, a small number of dealers are engaging in a practice that is causing a customer relations issue for FCA US LLC and all of its dealers. Specifically, this handful of dealers appears to have accepted large numbers of SRT Hellcat orders without regard to available supply and without advising their customers that orders may not be filled, if at all, for many months or longer. We believe such a practice may constitute a breach of the Dealer’s Sales and Service Agreement with FCA US LLC and a violation of other applicable laws.

Accordingly, we wanted our customers to hear directly from us how we are allocating Hellcat vehicles and we hope that you will bear with us as we, in conjunction with our supply base, continue to balance the supply and overwhelming demand.

Under our current allocation formula, eligible Dodge dealers will receive Hellcat scheduling based on their total Dodge sales in the previous 90 days with verified customer sold orders being prioritized according to FCA’s standard allocation formula, practices and procedures for the applicable vehicles. The following scheduling process chart below (which is subject to modification based  on supply and demand changes, further explains).


While most of our dealers understand the scheduling process and do their best to make sure that their customers have transparency into the ordering and fulfillment process, an isolated number of dealers have taken a far greater number of orders than they could reasonably expect to fulfill under the above allocation system.

In a situation such as this, where demand is so high, the dealer allocation formula can then become an easy target for a disappointed or misinformed, yet, enthusiastic new car customer. Worse yet, it can be an even greater opportunity for unscrupulous businesses or individuals to take advantage of customers.

In light of the above, we encourage you to ask the following questions in making your own informed decisions about whether or not to place a Hellcat order with a particular dealer:

  1. Is the dealer an authorized Dodge dealer?
  2. How many Hellcat orders does the authorized dealer have pending and where would I be on the list?
  3. Based on the dealer’s prior 90 day Dodge sales and previous Hellcat scheduling, when can I expect to receive my Hellcat order?
  4. Does the authorized dealer require a deposit for a Hellcat order?
  5. Is the deposit refundable and at what point in time?  Please consult your state law governing the vehicle orders and the return of deposits.

For customers who suspect they may have placed an order that is unlikely to be fulfilled, please contact your dealer and discuss options available to you as production and availability will vary. To find the list of authorized Dodge dealers closest to you, please visit www.dodge.com or call 855-778-8326.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we thank you for your dedication to the Dodge brand.

  • KS

    May14,2016 Canadian Orders from 15′ Finally getting built,
    Right along with recently placed Orders!
    Although An Email campaign and spread sheet creation by
    Myself,may have enlightened many,I Believe it worked!
    500 Model Year Hellcats delivered in Canada To Date!
    I would like to thank Tim Kuniskis for his personal
    Intervention in seeing my order was built !
    It Is Finally enroute to dealer and has restored my faith in FCA.
    Thank You FCA!

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  • KS

    @FCAcorporate Thank you For Building These Cars,Love Em!

  • Fred

    I called my local Dodge today and told them I want to build and purchase a Hellcat and someone said they don’t build Hellcats for anyone, I think the guy is full of shit, I’m going to call back, just doesn’t make any sense not to build something that is that special of a car and expensive.

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  • Zach P

    I am being paitent. I hope that soon I will be able to order possibly a 2016 Hellcat? I have seen many dealers trying to sell there’s for around $75k to $85k. I would only pay what the build price is as per my last SRT that was ordered.

  • rayzazoo

    Success story – Take Out An Umbrella! – Konosuke Matsushita, Matushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd, was a Japanese industrialist who founded Panasonic, the largest Japanese consumer electronics company

    The reporter: “What is the secret of your success?”
    Konosuke asked the reporter: “What would you do if you were caught in a rainstorm?”
    The reporter thought about the question and then replied: “I would take out an umbrella.”

    Matsushita said that was his answer to the reporter’s question. The reporter was bemused until Matsushita explained:

    “A natural response to a natural phenomenon – that is the secret of success in business and management. You will always win if you rely on common sense.”

    At least $19,179,055 in Hellcat customer sold orders waiting to be built. http://www.hellcat.org/threads/hellcat-vons-customer-sold-order-list.2382/. Please verify (a telephone call or email to the customer) and build this specific list of Hellcats. At 70-100 Hellcats built per week, the Brampton Plant could build the sold orders on this list in 1 month, make many enthusiasts on hellcat.org very happy, and protect the Dodge and Mopar brands among the faithful!

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  • TIGwelder

    Guess all these posts here on the blog, plus the ones at

    , mean nothing to those in charge at FCA. Never even attempted to make things right for those that ordered early and were past customers. Now the word is dealers are being called and told that A8 transmission Challenger orders will not be filled unless switched to M6

    Meanwhile people with Hellcat Challenger orders from September never had them filled and FCA continues to build A8 Hellcat Charger orders while denying that option on Challengers that have waited for 8 months since 9/9/14

    – FCA Communication is pretty much non existent.
    – Allocation system was basically a dealer rewards program
    – HUNDREDS of enthusist orders go unfilled ( OVER 300 )
    ( see http://www.hellcat.org/threads/hellcat-vons-customer-sold-order-list.2382/unread for details )

    Now you expect us to wait 4+ months until 2016 order banks open and then START OVER and wait more? Seriously?

    VON 32237404 – Ordered Day 1 on 9/9/14 – Not built

    • Kewlcat

      Tig I agree 100% I also ordered a A8 Challenger on 9/9. I don’t want to switch to a M6. If that means I don’t get a 2015 then the only way me and my other loyal Dodge brothers will remain “HAPPY” is to get priority in ordering 16’s with ABSOLUTELY NO PRICE INCREASE. I’m really not confident they will do the right thing. Is FCA stupid enough to slit their own throat? We’ll see.

    • TIGwelder

      VON 32237404 – Still unbuilt. And unless it’s built soon, my day one order and wait for B5 will be for nothing when it’s removed for 2016.

      Why is my order being totally ignored?
      My dealer quickly moved their Hellcats at MSRP and days on lot was extremely low.

      I see 200+ Hellcats on cars dot com and I can’t get my 9/9/14 _SOLD_ order filled.

      • TIGwelder

        9/9/14 order still unbuilt and ignored. If my dealer were to get a handful of cars, my order would be fulfilled. Not once was I told “you are not getting a car” by FCA/SRT. Always the carrot dangled and wait wait wait. Well it’s June 2015 now. My order was in at dealer July 2014. Meanwhile the order banks were just opened and BRAND NEW ORDERS not only taken, but they received VINs and cars within weeks. How does this work?

        Looks like I’m being punished for a ordering system with giant flaws and dealer issues. Neither of which is my problem. Order ignored and no accountability by FCA.

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  • Mike

    I place an order for a challenger hellcat in late sept of 2014 at my dealer put a down payment all they will tell me is the is good I have all papers showing my order can someone tell me if I can expect the order to be fill

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  • Jimiagos

    Porterville, CA Dodge has theirs marked up $29,995!!! Unbelievable. Steer clear of these criminals.

  • Don Johnson

    A little late to the conversation, but need to speak up. I tend to believe people (Dodge CEO’s) when they get up in front on huge crowds of people on live streams and tell the public they he wants this car in the hands of the enthusiast, (US, Me and You) and he did not want the dealers to markup the car. well this whole allocation system has done nothing “BUT” perpetuate the dealer markup and not just a markup an absolute gouge.

    I keep hearing that people bought from a dealer at MSRP? but I personally have not seen anything close to this. I have spoken to almost every dealer within 100 mile radius of my area, all I have heard is every allocation they have sold has gone out the door at a minimum $15K over MSRP.

    And yesterday I talked to 2 dealers that said they were not going to try and sell there current allocations at $30K over MSRP because of the ordering has stopped.

    If Mr Kuniskis really wanted to stop the dealer gouging, he would take that silly allocation flow chart and add one simple process into that flow chart “DID the SRT HELLCAT SELL for WAY OVER MSRP???” = not eligible

    The dealers that are selling for MSRP should be rewarded not chastised, and built sold orders would help to stop the gouging also. I have waited for a car like this my whole life!! I personally have never purchased anything but a Dodge since I was able to drive, and have been waiting with a VON for this Challenger Hellcat for 7 MONTHS now,, Come on People! really blame the dealers?? for doing something they have always done up until this hellcat???

    Why did you let the “SO called bad dealers” even put so many orders in the first place, or put a cap on the quantity from day ONE” Dont stand up in front of a live stream video and say “I want to get as many of the cars out on the road, I want to get as many people talking about Dodge and excited about Dodge as possible.” well put the cars on the road. give the dealers that sell at MSRP more cars….

    Please get me my car!!!!!

  • nospam111

    While I’m not an expert on the matter this sounds like way too much complaining. In the old days, a car mfr would have just cut quality and found a way to push more units out the door. Instead, FCA seems to be insisting on making a car as good as the price tag indicates, which means they can’t suddenly triple production.

    It also means that resale values will be better than average (probably much better), as this model will be on the market for 2 or 3 years max. Maybe the replacement will get a HC option, maybe not right away, maybe never.

    Bottom line, the gearheads flying under the radar (that’s us if we worked there) hit one out of the park. I’ll bet the accountants did not want to produce this monster at all and the engineers have proven them wrong. Dealers are and always have been *&$^, so it’s no surprise they are trying to tack on a markup. Don’t play their game, just refuse to pay more than MSRP plus 2% miscellaneous “fees”. There will be a dealer selling at that price if you can wait.

    PS: If y’all are reading this, how about a next model year update with more fenderwell space, and a “custom” option of a hefty transaxle to get the weight balanced.
    50/50 weight balance is mod this car needs to keep up with the next round from the competition. Get a waivier from NHTSA (do the crash test via simulation) and get the floor stamping from a low-volume supplier, whatever it takes. That will sell out ever faster than the standard car, and it would build the brand better than 400,000 rent-a-box Camry clones.

  • TIGwelder

    A follow up to the first AutoNews article about this is here

  • Challenger owner

    Why would Dodge have an authorized dealer screw this up so badly for everyone that wants to get a Hellcat?

  • Michael Hojas

    So far I have been disappointed with both FCA and a great majority of dealerships regarding Hellcats. FCA’s attempts at limited the market adjustment debacle has been a big fail in my opinion. Then to re-adjust the way it allocates Hellcat orders many months in was ridiculous. Only allowing a dealer one hellcat/month regardless of coupe or sedan is ridiculous, they are different vehicle classes and should have different allocations and not be lumped into the same. What FCA should be looking into is ways to bump up production and get orders filled in a timely manner as opposed to constantly looking at allocation adjustment. The press you’re now receiving is more negative press as in you were ill-prepared to handle the order. Who ever thought this vehicle wasn’t going to be so highly wanted should be fired with absolutely zero severance for being stupid. The other issue is multiple orders by the same person, they should be able to enter into a system and find same names and cancel redundant orders. If FCA is dead serious about marker adjustment/price gouging then they should verify these dealerships that are doing this and simply telling them they are no longer eligible to receive Hellcat allocations, I’m sure that would be a surefire way of halting this despicable practice.

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  • rick arrieta

    Rick Arrieta,
    The way I see it, is that there are a lot of different types of people vying for the Hellcat. I think first you have the loyal Mopar Fan ( Mopar or No Car). Then there are the , I want the next best thing out there type, ( no brand loyalty). Then there are the greedy ones, that can come in many forms, who think, they can make a quick buck off of this car. Out of these different types, all want to get in line early. Of these groups, who would, more than likely, spread the good word about Dodge and their products, loyal Mopar Fans. I believe most of the Vons left from day one, fall into the loyal fan category. The, have to have the latest and the greedy have probably moved on, and I’m speaking about the ones from the first few days in Sept.
    There have been a lot of folks that got lucky and some that really went after getting a Hellcat. For the most part, a person can not be expected to scour the country side to find an honest and reputable Dodge dealer. They seem to be few and far between. Some of us still have to work and make a good living, so we can purchase this car.
    So the loyal fans sought out the loyal dealers and in GOOD FAITH, placed an order. The loyal dealer took the order in GOOD FAITH. FCA accepted the order in good, oh wait, maybe not in GOOD FAITH. That is where the problem began. FCA knew on day one that there was a huge demand for this car. I’m not so sure they did, prior to that day. I don’t know if you, the FCA, were high fiveing or really worried at that point, because of the shear number of orders. I do know, that you were definitely in the driver seat from that day moving forward.
    I don’t believe most buyers really knew what the allocation rules were in those early days, and heck, probably still don’t. We just wanted that car. We also heard early on that Dodge would build all the Hellcats that were ordered. So now we sit, loyal fans, waiting. Are we spreading any good word about Dodge right now. No, instead we are not saying much, just waiting, because we loyal fans have FAITH. FCA, fill the early Vons in GOOD FAITH. You will be rewarded.

  • I completely blame FCA for this situation. I ordered my 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat in September 2014 and the dealer was transparent and said that it would likely be 6 months which I was fine with and since I was ordering the car within days of the system opening up and allowing dealers to enter the orders I was confident that 6 months was a realistic timeframe. I even became more confident when Tim Kunickis from Dodge stated publicly that all custom orders would be filled for the Hellcats…

    I would like to see some transparency from FCA in how they are filling the custom orders that were placed last September. I’m guessing my order was in the first 1000 custom orders. How do you not fill the orders on a FIFO approach? How do enthusiasts that made a commitment by putting money down on a custom order not become a priority to Dodge? Is brand loyalty not worth following through with your customers? I have purposely been waiting for the Hellcat announcement and holding off from buying a Shelby GT500 because I am a Dodge fan first. I’m guessing I’m not alone and many of us on the list with our custom orders did it for that reason. I have been driving my 2009 Challenger SRT8 anticipating Dodge’s next big thing and waited patiently for it and for that loyalty this is how FCA/Dodge decides to handle those customers. Let me be clear this is not the only FCA vehicle I own. I also drive a 2012 JEEP Wrangler Unlimited COD MW3 Edition, a 2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4X4 and many classic Mopars.

    So FCA your decision on how you handle us as loyal brand stewards and automotive enthusiasts could have a significant impact on what we choose to do with our dollars moving forward. So as the leadership of the Dodge brand sits down in what I expect will be numerous “what do we do now” meetings please keep in mind how important customers are to the success of your business, unless of curse it is your intention to simply become a manufacturer of transportation like a Hyundai or Kia where people choose based on simply price and not engineering and market differentiating performance and design.

    My preference is to get my Hellcat but I will be honest this has started me to think about my options in the performance arena and I will be at the Minneapolis Auto Show next week looking at my options.

    FCA/Dodge what I would like to hear from you is that you either plan to stand behind the orders your system allowed dealers to enter or that you have chosen a different path. The winters are long in Minnesota and the Hellcat I ordered was one of the things that kept me excited about the upcoming Spring. If you can’t deliver on the commitment that your order system supported back in September 2014 tell us now so we can find alternative options because Spring is almost here and as a good friend once told me “Don’t Waste a Day”.

    A loyal Mopar fan awaiting your response,

    Bud Flagstad

  • JW Mack

    I just ordered a Challenger Hellcat from a large Arizona dealership, in February 2015, who
    had two allocations left out of 12. Do you think I have a chance in
    hell of ever seeing that car built?

  • Dion Vos

    As a third generation family member of a Chrysler dealership, I would like to speak on behalf of all small dealers and businesses across this great nation, and most importantly our loyal customers. To the customers, a big THANK YOU for your loyalty, its much appreciated! We are located in a small town in NW Iowa located in a rural area. To me if a customer comes in and puts in an order for a vehicle and its a legitimate sold order he/she should receive the vehicle. A persons location, dealers sales, dealer size, etc. should not matter. Like in our case, we put in 2 sold orders for our customers. Both of these have been loyal to Chrysler for many years. We made out purchases orders for both, and did not promise them they would receive the vehicles because nothing was communicated to us for sure. We sold both at MSRP which they felt was more than fair. The orders were placed the very first hour, I even check 4 times during the night to see if they were available to order. Not just for the sale, but for the customers that had so much passion for the Hellcat and our brand. We did get one order filled and built. The other, the customer cancelled due to frustration and I am certain will not buy a Chrysler product in the future.
    Here’s a simple solution. If a sold order is put in the system, make us provide a copy of the purchase order and have FCA call an confirm the order is legit with the customer, and then simply thank them for the business! Since we are the ones that order the vehicles, we are your customers, and they are ours. We have to handle all the positives and negatives with the customers in person on a daily basis. In small town USA, we live with these people and see them on the street on a daily basis. As small dealers and businesses, it might take 10 of us to hit the 100 club in new sales a month, but taking care of our customers is what we all take pride in. I hope that everyone that put in an order that is legit gets there Hellcat. I also hope if there were sold orders put in the system by a dealer that isn’t legit, there are consequences. Its just not fair to all of us that love this brand!

    • JC

      here here

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  • Drew Sher

    Keeping it simple. I go to dealer, I say I want to buy car. Dealer orders car, and it goes in queue (he doesn’t have it on the lot). Cars are built and delivered according to queue. Until all cars ordered are built, I shouldn’t see a car on a dealer’s floor, unless a buyer canceled his order after it was delivered. Pretty darn simple.

    First dealer I went to takes my order, but after I call back after 3 weeks, I find out he hasn’t ordered the car. He wants more money!! Second dealer I go to takes the order, says it’s been accepted and it’s in the queue, but won’t be told when it will be built until they start to build it. Now he’s told he’ll only get 1 a month and I was number 16 on the list (thanks to the first dealer).

    The output of the plant last year was around 220,00 cars if I remember the article correctly. Just taking out weekends, that’s about 840 cars per day. How long could it take? No, really, how long could it take? Between the time they started taking orders and now, using conservative rounding, Oct-Feb, 5 months, ~20 days per month, 100 days, 840 cars per day, 84,000 cars. Yes that’s divided among the other models as well. 4500 cars order in the first 5 days, and who knows how many after that. Even at 10% of production, that’s 8,400 cars that could have been delivered to customers. Maybe, based on orders, 20% of production should have gone to the SRT. How many of the other models built there, have customers waiting to pay for them!!

    I’m certainly looking around again at other cars. According to my dealer and your chart, I won’t see my 2015 car until mid 2016? What’s wrong with this picture?

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  • Dave06srt

    I placed a sold order for a charger hellcat on 2/14/15 Von 33436684. My order is in bx status with one more charger ahead of me. I thought this would guarantee me of recieving a car this year, as I ordered one month after release, and only have one order ahead of me, but now under the new allocation rules released this week, it seems I may never get my car.

    You see, the dealership I ordered with, who by the way, is the only dealership in 100miles from me who will sell at msrp, has around 15 challenger hellcats in bx status. My question is, how will dodge manage to deliver any charger hellcats to customers when all of the dealerships have large backlogs of challengers from the last four months?

    How is it fair to people wanting to purchase a charger hellcat, a car that was only available to purchase last month, to be sent to the back of the order line by being grouped together with challenger orders that have had over four months of a head start on orders. Why would dodge release the charger hellcat knowing full well that they can not deliver any?

    Under the old allocation rules, my dealership said they received one challenger and one charger hellcat per month. This seems like a more reasonable system than just one allocation per month no matter the model.

    How will any charger fans ever get their cars? I agree that orders should be filled by date received, but by grouping charger orders together with the challengers, srt is only adding to the problem. Srt needs to separate the allocation process for these two models, or just out right cancel the Chargers for 2015 and focus on challengers, then only produce chargers for 2016. I hope changes come soon and myself and other hellcat fans receive the cars they want and have ordered.

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  • Gerard

    When will corporate learn once you lose a customer you will never get them back DISAPPOINTED HELLCAT CUSTOMER. ORDERED 10/12/2014 still no answer where my car is and still no vin. Just a Von

  • Roger Price Sr.

    Number one FCA announced early that the Hellcat would not be a limited production car. They wanted all dealer to sell and get the cars on the road to be seen. Number 1, when a dealer submits an order the statis is BA. When approved to go on then (done by FCA )moves to BX statis. The dealers selling sold order is not the problem.
    The problem comes from dealer falsify orders by marking them as sold orders. Example I visited three dealerships in the Orlando Florida area in November and was told unless I was able to pay 10,000 to 50,000 over MSRP they could not sell me a car. In the last week the same dealers have different Hellcats on there lots and still asking 20,000 to 25,000 and was advised they were the owners sold order cars. Are they’re sold orders for Family, Friends, Emploees, how far does it go to get as many as you can. I wanted to look at the car Airport Dodge had listed in inventory, Sales manager he’d get somebody to show me, then all of a sudden the cars were not delivered yet was my answer. They were in transit but the pics on the web showed the car with dealership tag trim on back of car. They are illegally ordering these cars and are being rewarded by giving them more to do the same with. Every dealership I visited told me NO DEALER IN FLORIDA WAS SELLING FOR LESS THAT 10,000.00 OVER MSRP this was agreed to by all dealers in Florida. That is what I was told.
    I went with a dealer that was selling MSRP and I’ll stay with him. There was no allocation in the beginning, so who has caused the problem ? FCA in my mine and I’ve been driving Chrysler since 1968. This probably will be the end because I don’t like Manufactures lying to the public of there unavailability to produce the cars they told the dealers to sell. They approved the BX statis of all the people stuck in VON HELL as quoted on a blog. Build the Cars the way the orders arrived and was approved. FCA approved all not just a few dealers orders but all orders turned into them. If they have sold to many Hellcats ( BOTH ) why are you still accepting orders and building the one turned in late and not the ones turned in first, VERY VERY DISGUSTING. The public is not so stupid they can see what is happening and some will leave the brand to never return. I guess this is good for business, I’ve had my say Stuck in VON Hell since 10/09/2014

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  • Gerard

    All the hellcats that were ordered should be produced in the order they ordered with the Von numbers. Forget about the dealers that don’t have orders for customers. FILL YOUR CUSTOMER ORDERS FIRST

  • Gerard

    This is a garbage lying company. I ordered my car on 10 /12/2014 and was told I would recieve my car in March I have 275 employees and I am going to pay anybody who orders a different brand car then dodge $150.00 to NOT PURCHASE A DODGE WHEN THEY PURCHASE A NEW CAR the president of the company said in December if you order a car you will get it. I recieved my Von number of 32587229 on 10/12 then dodge never did anything with the number for production. I purchased a garage for this car for$24000.00 and now they can’t give me an answer if I will get this car. I will sell my 3 dodge vehicles as soon as they tell me that I definetely can’t get my ordered car!

  • Eddie Whitehead

    correction 2008 on the challenger

  • Eddie Whitehead

    I know two dealerships close to me are price gouging. one is asking 10k over msrp and one asking 20k over on a charger that’s set to arrive shortly. same dealer that took 5k from me in 2006 to order the srt8 challenger then wouldn’t sell it to me because they wanted 10k over when it hit the dealership. took me a month to get my deposit back. nothing was ever done to dealership.


    Thank You FCA, Dodge, SRT. Thank you for offering one of the coolest, most exciting, sought after cars, brought to market in years. So much so, that enthusiasts of all types have had chills, since day one of laying their eyes and ears on this amazing automobile. Thank you for crushing the hopes of so many, because of your inability to “do the right thing” for US, your loyal customer base, who have “sold orders” waiting in line patiently, but because you couldn’t figure out the correct “allocation” process in the beginning, which should have set a limit on the number orders accepted into the system by any single dealer, you now have many, believing that their chances of getting a VIN are slim to none. Worry about your dealers next year for M/Y 2016 and focus on the remaining 2015 sold orders, so you can move forward with your head held high. Please realize… It’s not our fault.

  • edward albini

    been on the list since 9-9-15 have been big time mopar supporter for all my life owning many mopar performance cars since 1963 max wedges till current vipers—- just do the right thing. put previously sold orders at the head of the pack and once you are delivered completely through that list then begin takng new orders–only fair thing to do.

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  • Jay Sixspeedrt

    Any dealer with an UNSOLD Hellcat sitting on the lot should be investigated. IF the dealer falsified the order with shill customer information, that dealer should be severely punished, and the Hellcats confiscated and reallocated to dealers with legitimate customers awaiting delivery. Instead, Dodge is allowing severe price gouging to take place by hiding behind their corporate flow charts and corporate jargon, and allowing dealers to profit from ludicrous markups over list with these unsold cars!

    A photo of a dealer with TWO unsold Hellcats inside the showroom was posted on Challengertalk within the last couple days. This should be investigated and appropriate action taken. How can this be? There are some dealers who’ve apparently no Hellcats at all – I have a friend who lives in Ontario Canada who ordered one as soon as the order queue opened, and the dealer told him he has to be placed into a ‘lottery’. Apparently only 150 Hellcats out of 2200 have even been allocated for all of Canada!

    Dodge and the CEO Tim Kuniskis should be taking strong and swift action to get on top of this, and correct this issue which is damaging the brand’s reputation; Challenger owners are a very tight knit and vocal community – and to underestimate the anger and outcry this mis-managed roll-out has caused is a severe public relations mistake. Many long time Dodge/Mopar buyers are vowing never to buy from the brand again.

    This should have been a huge win-win – the most powerful American production car ever, and there should be smiles all around, all positives. Instead Dodge has somehow snatched defeat from the ‘ashes’ of victory, and a PR debacle has ensued that’s being publicized throughout the car community.

    • fnz9634

      Well said! Leave it to FIAT to kill the good will the Hellcat created.

    • Gus Chios

      Well said Jay!!!! The way these morons at FCA have handled this fiasco, one would think they are used car salesmen

  • Ramm

    Hi Gualberto, my name is John Gibson. I have a VIN number for my Challenger Hellcat which I ordered on 9/9/14 at 9AM. I followed the procedure you outlined above, I made sure my dealership had allocation, and was the first in line for that allocation, ordering first thing in the morning. My car has been at D1 since 10/16. Can you please help me? My car was ordered almost six month ago, and has had a VIN for almost 5 months. Is there anyone that can get me my 6 month old order which has a VIN built? SRT customer service doesn’t know why the car isn’t build, and neither does my dealership. Please help me.

  • TallCool1

    FCA halt floor plan financing and hold backs or anything that washes interest on Hellcat lot and stock cars, in dealers possession, now and in the future. Invoice dealers now, payment in full, plus interest, on financed lot and stock cars. That will deliver a message.

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  • Dean6161

    Stop taking new orders and just build the ones that are sold!!!!

    • fnz9634

      Damn Straight!

  • add925

    Being in the thick of it, I can only comment that the Dodge division has over-complicated the allocation process, given preference to dealerships of their own choosing and now, apparently, is communicating directly with customers about dealerships they feel are not playing fair. Marketing 101 teaches us not to fish in the same pond if you are not catching big fish. Dodge has not passed this course, showing indifference to under-developed dealerships. Regarding open letters to customers, they probably have sealed their fate with the majority of dealerships that were waiting for Dodge management to become more of a partner as opposed to a leery benefactor. MSRP dealerships with bonefide orders are probably going to be the ones to suffer here, not the customers.

    • JC

      Bingo. Doesn’t get anymore clear cut than what you say here. FCA tells us in one sentence they don’t want price gouging, they want this car out there with us showing it off to our friends. Then in the next sentence, contradict themselves by saying its a reward car for big dealers… most of whom MARK UP.

      Its quite obvious from the Title of this article they are going after guys that took a lot of orders at MSRP. FCA needs to make up its mind on if they want to continue to bolster big dealers, or take care of us the end customer.

  • Brian DeLuca

    Hopefully there is a resolution to this process soon as this is certainly creating polar attitudes towards FCA. While the Hellcat appears to be a product worth waiting for, the ambiguous allocation process and general lack of transparency for customers and dealers is frustrating. Customers are asked to trust their dealers however we do not have the data available to differentiate truth from lies. The casual or even educated customer would not know if their dealer meets the criteria identified in the post. You are asking customers to continue to trust their dealers when they may have been waiting months for their allocation. The restriction of either a Charger or Challenger Hellcat allocation per month (never both) appears to be a misstep. While this serves to potentially favor my Charger VON to VIN allocation this coming cycle, this will not address customers who have been waiting on their cars since September 2014. Allowing a Charger AND Challenger to get an allocation per month would serve to potentially help clear up the Challenger backlog while not stifling Charger orders. It’s clear the response for the Hellcat in either flavor has been overwhelming however hindsight is always 20/20. Hopefully FCA will read the posts from many hellcat.org members still waiting on their allocation to help guide a revision to this process. soon. I am excited to potentially receive my Hellcat however every person has their limits. Unfortunately, bad news spreads faster than good in many cases so I would hate to see such an iconic name dragged through the mud. Hopefully I am able to get mine before the other supercharged sedan from Detroit arrives.

  • Darin Gosoir

    Why not just stop taking orders & creating VON #s, take a month & build all SOLD orders,to catch up, would make ALL your very,very loyal customers happy, every sold car is my in your pocket,if we did not buy cars, you would not have jobs, we all have money to spend & you will not take it? Tim K said over & over, ” if you have a Von, you will get a car” I really want to take a MAN at his word, especially in this day & age of people saying one thing & doing another, please Tim K ,keep your WORD and build the sold orders! Darin G 612-490-2626

  • Rich R.

    I’m at a loss as to why FCA is using the Hellcat as a tool to sell “other Dodge brands”, while it’s doing the exact opposite. I ordered a Hellcat in October. Received VON, & still NO VIN, No Car & it’s March 2015. Why, because I supported a local small Dodge dealer who’s doing a great job selling Dodge’s to a us small town folks. Sorry we’re 150 miles from a big city dealer, so FCA feels we’re unimportant as customers.
    I’m really feeling that FCA/Dodge are creating more bad publicity & discouraging some of it’s hard core customers from ever wanting another Dodge with it’s unfair allocation system. And to reward price gouging Dodge dealers with more Hellcats while ignoring your honest core base is amazing! Tim K. and his marketing “experts” may want to take another look at how business is being done. You have sold orders since September ’14, start allocating product based on order dates, & let’s not forget the small town dealers who are your true partners in business.

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  • Sublime6spd

    i would like to ad my comments ,concerns and feelings to this discussion from a CANADIANS perspective.
    As you know order banks opened JULY 23 2014 in Canada. Being a lifetime customer and a huge promoter of the brand to friends and family , I knew all about this car and it’s launch date here in Canada.
    So I started making enquiries about the car to various dealers in southern Ontario. Every dealer I spoke with said they could order a car with a minimum of 5k down to show FCA you are a serious buyer and secure a spot in line. EVERY DEALER !!!!
    So I had too choose a dealer and place my deposit.
    This was 8 months ago and you release rules for dealer allocation now?
    Even if these allocation system was in place at the time I ordered it was not public information. Why wouldn’t you release you’re allocation rules 6 month PRIOR to the launch of the car as opposed to coming out with it when folks are many many months into the order process?!? Give them a chance to do some research on the dealers???

    So I realized this car was special from the beginning and I would probably have the most luck with a well established dealer who had already proven themselves with high volume viper and SRT sales.

    I placed my order with a Large deposit on July 24 2014 from such a dealer that has been selling the brand for 75 of its 100yr history and has a stellar reputation in the local MOPAR world.
    My experience with them in the past 8 months has been fantastic and they have been as honest and forthright as one could expect.

    Which gets me to some points I would like to address regarding the above press release…. This is NOT a dealer issue. All FCA has to do is close the order system. The dealers aren’t the ones issuing these Von’s FCA is!!

    You have stated over and over that this car is not LTD production but it most certainly is ltd AVALIABLITY here in Canada. 8 months after placing my order your have “alloted” 148 cars to the entire country so far….. I’m sure you have triple that many orders in ontario alone!!
    My dealer has been “alloted” 1 car out of those 148 in the country. Production figure from alpar.
    Now you release this allocation press release and I have to sit here with doubts of seeing a car in 2015 or ever based on these guidelines??!! I’m 8 months into my order and was expecting spring delivery when I ordered.
    It’s my understanding that production has been extended for the model year but under the current guidelines any dealer can expect a maximum of 7 more cars this year? Assuming the planets align and they meet your criteria to be worthy of ordering?? And each car isn’t delayed at all anywhere along the line during the process!?
    How does a customer find out the dealers prior 90 days sales?? How does the customer find out where FCA ranks each dealer based on those sales?? How does a customer know how many previous hellcat orders have been allocated? Pending orders??What status?? Etc etc etc…

    It’s not april first right??

    Please for the love of the brand, CLOSE THE ORDER BANKS!
    Contact ALL VON Orders currently in the system and weed out the duplicates and Ghoste orders.
    Build all confirmed sold orders and don’t re open banks until backlog has been delivered.

    As a CANADIAN it’s becoming increasingly difficult to support the brand who is completely ignoring my business. I know we are a small insignificant part of this but our business should be valued as well.
    Canada 148 cars built so far, 7 cars built per wk, 7 months left of production….. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist too see many orders will go unfiled!

    I placed my order sight unseen, CANADIANS where not treated to event after event showcasing the car and most hadn’t seen one in person until the recent auto show.

    The worst part from my perspective is the lack of info from FCA. I EXPECTED a phone call or email at very least to congratulate me on my purchase and taking a spot in line. Instead I get too read all the rumours and miss information AVALIABLE these days and have too worry wether or not I even have a valid order somewhere in the system??

    I understand parts shortages etc but watching hundreds of cars for sale daily at huge market ups while confirmed sold orders go unbuilt and unverified.
    This experience has been very disheartening and it has nothing to do with my dealer. They don’t control how many of these cars you sell here, they don’t control anything and are simply YOURE representative.

    Imagine if you had Americans waiting since July for answers

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinions and concerns, hope this doesn’t fall of deaf ears.

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  • Mar . Litavsky

    It is a shame thatyou don’t see the real world….i live in the chicagoland area and there is market value mark up all over here…i ordered out of state to avoid this.the dealer has a lot of orders because he is honest….so don’t bad mouth the guys that have a lot of orders…there is a reason he has alot. If you can provide enough cars to fill orders it sould have been made known to the dealers….shame on you guys for not having figured this out to begin with. I ordered one on the fist day in September and still waiting…these cars should be filled in the order they where sold….this is a great car but you are pissing alot of people off that may notbe loyal to your brand anymore. Read these blogs….i don’t see any good comments….with the dealers marking these cars up you are putting the car out of reach for the average joe like me….was that your intention…for only Jay Leno….gas monkey. ..and high paid comedians to have them….wake up guys!!!!

  • Rhonald Moses

    Also you may want to check the dealers in Middle East whom hike up the price by USD 90,000 to make fat profits. I am one of the GCC customer who wanted a hellcat, but decided not to because of the price difference.

  • Curtis

    Let me share my experience dealing with two small dealers in my area. I was so excited when Dodge brought back the Challenger in 2008. I approached the dealer I had used for the last 25 years only to be told they would only get one and they were going to sell it for “whatever the market would allow.” That was translated to who would pay the most. My loyalty to that dealer the last 25 years meant nothing. So I waited until 2012 to buy my first one at a dealer over a 1000 miles away. Now the Hellcat comes out and I decided I had to have one. I went back to the same dealer only to be given the same answer. I am not ever going to buy from him again.
    Now I have been introduced to the owner of a dealership in the next town away from the first and he is willing to sell at MSRP. I placed my order in November and received a VON but I don’t know if it will ever be built due to the way FCA and SRT have decided to conduct the allocations. I realize this “system” makes sense to the executives far away I will never meet. But as a loyal Dodge, Chrysler and MOPAR customer for my entire adult life and most of my childhood I question whether my loyalty means anything to them either.
    I have seen dealers on the Dodge website showing Hellcat Challengers available only to be told they weren’t sold but they were marked up as much as $30,000 above MSRP.
    I’ll wait to see if anything comes of my order but if it is not filled, I will not order another. The fact that FCA would require me to find a dealer with allocation seems ludicrous to me. What ever happened to “Win on Sunday and sell on Monday?” There were definitely local dealers that profited from their brand winning the race that weekend. As long as we are going retro on the styles back to 70s maybe the dealers should go back to old way of conducting business!

  • Mark

    So you ask who would purchase from this dealer . Well I am one of those people . This dealership is honest and ethical . Ask yourself if they were not how could 200 people have ordered a hellcat from them ? Common sense fiat group !!!!!! A lot of happy customers !!!!!!! Think about it !!!! Tim kino skis had an interview a few months back and said I quote we will make every hellcat ordered that is when we 5000 people ordered ours !!!! So Tim are you going to make good on your statement ! And how does a comedian get a hellcat and never purchased an s r t ever !! So this is where I come in my order is with this dealer loyalty !!!! So for my own interest I called thre of your dealers two would not even talk to me and the other would not order me a hellcat and this was early !!!! So more about me . My first s rt 2006 charger was for my oldest daughter graduation !! My second was a2008 s r t super bee b 5 blue charger my second daughter my third was mine 2009 manual s r t hemi Orange challenger !!! Brand loyalty at its best !! Wouldn’t you think dodge would know me by now !! But this dealer ship does my next is a ram 1500 lifted special edition 2014 !!! So now that I have ordered my hellcat !!! I really think you should build it and not bad mouth this dealership !! Oh one more thing I traded in my 2007 Ferrari spider for my hellcat oh ya brand loyalty doesn’t fiat own that also !!!!! So in closing I really think you should talk to your loyal customers before writing an article like this !! I can’t believe this dealer is not during you for defamation of character !! And I really can’t believe you are letting your other dealers get away with not calling us loyal customers back and trying to charge way I’ve msrp!!! Thank you for listening I hope!!!

  • Michael Norman

    “true sold order 9/9/14” and still no VIN

    I am very disappointed in the way FCA is handling this situation. I had contacted my local dealer (small town) back in July and was told that I was better off looking at a larger dealer because they were told that it was unlikely that they would ever get one in. After many calls and looking online, I was referred to a dealer and placed a deposit and an order was placed on 9/9/14 at MSRP. I choose that dealer because of the true love that they have for the brand and excellent customer service. It is hard to imagine that FCA would blame dealers for trying to sell product. Why wait until now, months after the fact, to change the game? How can you still accept orders with so many unfilled? Why not fill true sold orders? I just called a dealer in CA who is asking $50K over sticker — REALLY? It has been frustrating to see later VON’s get turned into VIN’s and cars being delivered. I am not upset with those that are getting them, just with the system that allows it. I feel sorry for those who have already sold their car to get one and still be waiting. I hope that Tim and FCA are reading this and will make things right with those who have had real orders.

  • Greg

    You may not realize this if you only know us by our politicians and corporate executives but the average American places a great deal of value on honor and integrity. That is why some small dealers received so many orders. If you not only eschew those values but condemn your dealers that have them then you do so at your peril.

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  • Jet

    Hey Chrysler: How is “allocation” fair to anyone? The ONLY fair way to distribute the Hellcat is in order of SOLD ORDER submission, regardless of the dealer who took the order. You should count your lucky stars you have a sold order to begin with. Now build them in the order you received them. Your allocation system does nothing but perpetuate and encourage dealer markups. Rationing belongs in communist countries. Are we not in America?

  • DG

    The allocation system is broken and is not built for any of us the real customers no matter what Tim K or Ralph say – it is a reward system for the dealers, plain and simple.

    I wonder what the “Dodge” brothers would actually think about the fairness about their most loyal and vocal customers ordering a car in September and not getting a VIN and someone else ordering a car in December and it’s already delivered – I can imagine a few great parody’s for YouTube!!

    In reality and unfortunately, possibly the only way to get FCA’s actual attention and possibly changes to the allocation rules would be to band together and start a class action lawsuit against them.

    FCA accepted orders from dealers and consumers/customers were given VON’s – this is a contract. A VON is an excepted order from FCA as defined by their own ordering system. A class action lawsuit will allow halting of any additional issuance of VON’s and when attorney’s can issue subpoena’s for FCA’s production capability and records which will show they have more orders than they can fulfill in 2015 model year. And then the court will force building the cars in order of VON issue date.

    Don’t know if it will work, but my son is an attorney and works for a firm that specializes in these types of actions. He says “one way or the other” it would most likely change the FCA allocation process – either by Press Release noting a Class Action Lawsuit (and FCA’s desire to NOT have that happen) or by actual Court Order.

    In his opinion FCA can not “pass the buck” to the dealers – they allowed the cars to be entered into an order system and FCA ACCEPTED the order by issuing a VON and which means LEGALLY that FCA is responsible.

    And the above comes from a guy whom has over 10 Mopars right now! including a 2013 Ram 2500 Longhorn, a 2014 Jeep, a 2010 FF SRT8 Challenger, 2010 Dodge Ram 1500, and a 2008 Challenger SRT8, a 1970 FM3 RT Charger, a 1970 Plymouth Sassy Grass Green AAR, 1969 Charger RT Hemi, and 1970 Challenger RT vert.

    God almighty Tim, just admit the allocation system isn’t working, scrap it, and build the cars in the order of VON date based upon parts availability.

  • Greg

    That is an interesting spin job but everybody knows that people who put their deposits down before September 9th are the hardcore Dodge fans. Do you really expect us to believe the fault lies with your Dealers that have earned a reputation of being honest and reliable? Has it never occurred to you there might be a reason customers flocked to certain dealers? I assume you are aware that the car sales business in general has had an image problem.

    It is obvious this allocation system is designed to cater to the biggest dealers who mark the car up $10,000 – $20,000 and can still sell it quickly. I have never heard of a manufacturer of any product not filling orders in some semblance of the order in which they were received. Sure there are a few exceptions like high profile people that generate free marketing but to design a system that rewards the largest and most corrupt dealers is nepotism of the basest sort.

    If you don’t appreciate your core customers who not only buy your products but inspire other people to buy your products then you are going to find they will go to a new manufacturer who does appreciate them. I would really love a Dodge Challenger Hellcat which I am sure is the case with everybody that ordered on 9/9/2014. But there are some very good Corvettes and Mustangs being made right now. Also after the success of the Hellcat it would not surprise me if a very high end Taurus SHO is in development. It is your choice, you can treat me like I am a valued customer or I will find somebody who will.

  • Brett A. DiMichele

    I placed a Hellcat order on August the 15th(2014) with Bob Frederick at
    MSRP after having a local dealer do nothing but play games with me.
    First FCA dropped the ball because you couldn’t figure out pricing for
    options (like Brass Monkey). Then FCA dropped the ball by telling us we
    couldn’t get Sublime and Sepia and then later changing your mind. Then
    FCA dropped the ball by delaying sunroof orders till who knows when. And
    now FCA comes out and tells us that dealers who took a lot of SOLD
    orders @ MSRP are the bad guys…. We should rather go and get violated
    without lubricant by local dealers who all want to add “Market
    Adjustment”. Bob Frederick has been a blessing through the whole
    process but FCA has just made it clear where they stand. Today I
    canceled my Hellcat order, my family and I, have all been loyal
    Chrysler/Dodge owners for decades, I currently have a Dodge Ram and an
    11 SRT8 in my garage. FCA you are done, I will not be buying any product
    from any brand under FCA in the future. I will instead vote with my
    money and take it elsewhere. Thanks for nothing.

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  • Brett A. DiMichele

    I placed a Hellcat order on August the 15th(2014) with Bob Frederick at MSRP after having a local dealer do nothing but play games with me. First FCA dropped the ball because you couldn’t figure out pricing for options (like Brass Monkey). Then FCA dropped the ball by telling us we couldn’t get Sublime and Sepia and then later changing your mind. Then FCA dropped the ball by delaying sunroof orders till who knows when. And now FCA comes out and tells us that dealers who took a lot of SOLD orders @ MSRP are the bad guys…. We should rather go and get violated without lubricant by local dealers who all want to add “Market Adjustment”. Bob Frederick has been a blessing through the whole process but FCA has just made it clear where they stand. Today I canceled my Hellcat order, my family and I, have all been loyal Chrysler/Dodge owners for decades, I currently have a Dodge Ram and an 11 SRT8 in my garage. FCA you are done, I will not be buying any product from any brand under FCA in the future. I will instead vote with my money and take it elsewhere. Thanks for nothing.

  • goomadachetz

    Bwahhahahahahah …. Won’t work !!! We dealers are waaay too slick for our clients.

  • Philip Munoa

    Not a whole lot to add to what’s already said here. We, who actually pay for the cars, are scratching our heads wondering at the logic behind this announcement. It seems pretty straight forward to us that you build the cars to order in the order that they’re ordered. We don’t care if one dealer sells twenty in a row. It’s first come, first served. I too am a long time, loyal customer. My brothers and I have restored and raced dozens of Mopars. I currently have a Barracuda drag racer and a ’13 Ram 2500. I bought my daily driver ’09 SRT Challenger new from Doug Smith’s, the only dealership in Utah that does not charge a premium on Hellcats. In fact, my family has bought five vehicles from them in the past six years. The problem is that they have 10 people waiting in line. I had to go out of state to order a car at MSRP. BTW, I also bought three Chrysler product from Larry H. Miller who now wants $20K over MSRP for a Hellcat. I’ll never buy another car from them or any of the other dealerships that are charging these premiums ever again. Doug Smith has always been great to work with. They’ve been very honest and straight forward. Except for my Hellcat, I’ll be buying all my cars from them from now on.

  • Monsterzero


    A recent article entitled, “Avoiding Hellcat ordering disappointment” was just that: A DISSAPOINTMENT! FCA has laid out a flow chart to show the customers, who have been sitting in BX/BG status since the order banks opened up on 9/9/14, just how any dealership (large or small) will be able to “leap-frog” past those existing orders, because they are allowed 1 allocation and not subject to any repercussions for selling that 1 allotment above MSRP. Yet, the customer who chose to entrust their orders with a reputable dealer who has a LOYAL following, will only be punished for having multiple sold orders, since the new system says that dealer can ONLY be given ONE allocation per month; anymore orders and said dealer is in jeopardy of violating the Dealer’s Sales and Service Agreement with FCA US LLC. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
    I cannot believe that a company that was able to garner such enthusiasm from their marketing campaign for the Hellcat, can fall so short of the promise that everyone who wants one of these “halo cars” will get one.
    Then you have the audacity to blame dealers that are taking in more than 1 order a month! Look at yourselves before blaming them. FCA assigned a VON to those sold orders back on Sept. 9th, not the dealer. Why didn’t you make an issue of the excessive amount of orders that a dealer was submitting, if you were only going to give them an allotment of no more than 1 a month?
    My disappointment is with FCA. My dealer DID NOT ask for a penny over MSRP. My dealer took a refundable deposit, in order to secure my VON. My dealer has a stellar reputation for being a dealer that delivers on his promise. But now, his hands are not only “tied” but in fact, may have his hands figuratively speaking, “slapped” for having a long list of orders.
    Of course, if I wanted to buy a Challenger Hellcat which, by the way was a dealer stock order and did not include the options I wanted, I could go to my local dealer, here in the SF Bay Area, and pay a minimum of 5-10K above MSRP; because that’s what I was told they wanted, in order to place my name on a list of interested buyers only. Then whoever was willing to pay the most above MSRP was given the right to buy the dealer’s stock car.

    If you want to maintain customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction, then support your dealers that make you look good by being honorable and not being the typical dishonest car dealer that we’ve all grown to despise.
    HONOR your commitment to those dealers that have more than 1 more submitted and build those orders based on their chronological submission of “first in-first out.”

    Respectfully yours,

    Giovanni Matteucci

    • Lars Jeffry

      Giovanni, couldn’t have said it any better myself. My experience as does many others patterns yours. PLEASE DODGE do not “snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory!”

      I fell in love with the Hellcat from the moment I saw the “sinful” cover in AW magazine back in August of 2014. I can say unequivocally, you, DODGE hit a home run with this vehicle. Please don’t abandon your loyal customers! Build the cars in the order received. Who cares if a certain dealer has a large amount of sold orders! They are just that SOLD ORDERS!

      If I was running Dodge I would be sitting down with those historically successful dealers and figuring out just WHY are they so successful. Why are loyal customers from CA to NY bypassing their local dealers and going with a dealer out of Ohio and other select places around the Country?

      These dealers would become my business model for what ALL Dodge Dealerships should become. I would be celebrating those dealerships and recognizing them as what FCA expects/demands from anyone who sells our product.

      Leadership sometimes demands you take a hardline and set the tone for what is and what is not acceptable. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! IT IS TIME TO LET YOUR ACTIONS START TO SPEAK FOR YOU!

      From all I have seen and heard about Tim K & Sergio Marchionne they appear to be honorable men who have integrity. PLEASE gentlemen take the lead before this ship can not be righted! IMHO if you are guided by what is in your loyal customers best interest you CAN NOT FAIL!

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  • Jack

    I just wish FCA had told me that they where trying to control the Dealers but had no Idea how to do it. Oh I have a GREAT IDEA lets Screw the Buyer instead. Said one EX. to the other. It would have been so easy to just check Sold Orders and Loyal Buyers. I live in South Jersey, Delaware Valley. 2 weeks ago there were 4 , that I knew of in my area, Hellcats for sale on lots $5,000, $8,000, and 2 for $10,000 over MSRP all but one are gone. Nice job FCA. Mean while back on the Ranch my Sold Order sits in BK LIMBO never to be made. I call SRT to check on my VON. as I have done with other SRTs I have ordered. And after a bit and a nervous reply, I get that your are 5th in line. And stupid me says what do you mean 5th in line. just that, there are 5 people ahead of you and again stupid me says thats not bad. How come I haven’t been moved to D1 if there are only 5 ahead of me? Oh you don’t understand thats 5 ahead of you at the dealership (at best thats a 2016) The Dealer was taking orders over the Phone from all over. I have been buying New MoPars since 1960 and SRTs since 2005. 8 were for me and 1 for my Son, you would think that someone like myself would have been notified about the Hellcats and been given the 1st shot at them. I don’t know what I’m trying to say I’m so Pi%$# off. Sorry for my Venting.

  • John Caldwell

    The fact of the matter is Chrysler changed the allocation process to suit their needs and did not communicate that to the dealers.
    The initial allocation was based on your previous dodge sales. The stores that sold a high volume of dodge cars earned multiple units. As long as they were sold orders, your cars were built. When you delivered those vehicles, you earned more schedules. This is the same process Chrysler has for all vehicles.
    I would guess that as the high volume stores were on their 3rd and 4th round of schedules, And smaller volume stores still not receiving allocation, Chrysler decided to implement this new process of 1 per store in an attempt to level the playing field. The problem you have with this is stores like ours have been taking deposits based on presumed allocation from units you have been selling.
    For me I have delivered 10 already. I have 4 orders currently scheduled and I should have earned 6 more schedules. With 3 sold orders in the system not scheduled, I figured I was safe accepting 3 more deposits for a total of 6 orders.
    Now based on this new rule (again this was never communicated) I have to refund 6 deposits and have customers bad mouth our reputation.
    I’m sure many are saying, “what are they complaining about? They received 15 of these cars while other dealers didn’t get any?” My answer to that is the way it was done. Don’t let the dealers take the blame for the mess you made.
    At the end of the day, a store that sells 4000-6000 cars a year, a few hellcats don’t even make a blip on the radar. But 5 or 10 negative reviews does affect your business.

    • JC

      Dealers should not even be in the equation at this point imo. Fca can do the right thing by us and say “we will build in order” regardless of how many dodges you sold. Just because a dealer sold more units dosnt make their customers money any more green than mine.

      I will say its refreshing to see a dealer chime in though and call this what it is… Fca pointing the finger when they should be looking in the mirror.

  • Jay Sixspeedrt

    I don’t understand why Chrysler expects a potential BUYER to understand the labyrinthine intricacies of their allocation system.

    The Dodge system should be SIMPLE. Orders placed by CUSTOMERS should be filled on the ORDER they are received. Customers who signed for Hellcats when Dodge opened the cars for order in September should have those orders filled in order – not be passed over for a high volume dealer who places an order for an UNSOLD car months later, especially these unscrupulous dealers gouging prices for 15, 20k over MSRP.

    It’s easy to understand why buyers are angry at Chrysler. It’s not because of what DEALERS are doing – it’s because Chrysler isn’t delivering cars in the sequence in which the ORDERS are placed by buyers with cash in hand.

    Chrysler should scrap the entire allocation system, IMHO, and build the cars for buyers in the order the buyers place the orders.

  • DCCH

    Using the Hellcat as a carrot for dealers to drum up (other) sales/business is having the unintended consequence of confusing and arbitrarily penalizing end customers. When I talked to dealers back in August and September of 2014, I had no idea that ordering a Hellcat would be like playing the lottery. I reasonably expected that if I placed an order early at any dealership, then Dodge would accept and build my order. Six months later, I find that my assumption is not necessarily true. I have no idea if the dealer where I ordered can get a Hellcat. Where do I find the data on a dealer’s “prior 90 day Dodge sales” so that I can compare dealers?

  • Michael L

    Also a MOPAR nut here, and have been thoroughly disgusted as to how you’ve handled this ordering process.

    As has been said by other’s here, how are we supposed to know who get’s allocation’s,sales numbers, etc? By calling dealers? They tell you they have allocations then put the order in and never hear another peep out of them.
    They’ll tell you anything to make a deal.

    Then you have the honest one’s like Bob Frederick, who treats you fairly,sells at MSRP (your goal), doesn’t mark them up.
    I have an order sitting there since Sept 9, and hasn’t moved an inch, while other dealers get them, mark them up, put them on Ebay,etc and they get more?

    You have a whole long list of diehard enthusiasts who love the product and put an order in as soon as the orders opened up, and they get treated like s***. Like we’re the problem. Face it, you guys screwed up.
    And why do you keep taking orders?! I can call almost any dealer in the country and they’d take my order and get me a VON. Why on earth would you not shut down the process until you catch up? Why wouldn’t you take care of the older orders first? If you don’t plan on filling all of Bob’s orders or other dealers who have ordered more than you would like, at least come out and let us know that they will never be filled, or force him to cancel them? You just keep us hanging on, with no clarity. Oh wait, we’re supposed to memorize your allocation rules for the dealer. Please. I just want my friggin car.
    Then you get people putting in 2 or 3 more orders, overwhelming your capacity to produce them, because they are so afraid they won’t get their original order.
    You put the onus on the customer (us) to do all the work. Shouldn’t have to be like that.

    In this day and age transparency is crucial, no matter the product.

    There’s lots of competition out there, as you surely know. You’re going to lose your customers to other manufacturers if you don’t straighten this mess out and quick.

  • JC

    This problem isn’t going away FCA. If you want to screw me over because my dealer is good at selling your product then so be it. But before you do realize this.. I have owned 5 Chrysler products in the past 10 years (through the dark days). I have SOLD 5 more by pushing family and friends to look at your product when they had NO thoughts of looking at your product prior. My brother was a die hard GM guy and he now has a Jeep and looking at getting a RAM. I worked on a die hard BMW co-worker for months and he is now considering buying a Jeep. I am the guy you want the Hellcat in the hands of.

    If you screw us on this, I will take my business along with my friends and family to GM. My wife’s Jeep will be the last FCA product to ever see my garage and I am sure GM will gladly take my money. Do the right thing… build the cars in order. Get them in the hands of your loyal customers who have had orders in since Sept. Quit coddling your dealers with allocation nonsense. Because without “us”.. there are no dealers. Without “us” there is no FCA.

  • Scott

    Please build the sold orders from Sept before all others . Allocation rewards big dealers selling for more than MSRP. Loyal SRT customers like myself have had it with poor communication and system that punishes customers who order from a dealer they trust . BUILD orders based on date received period…..

  • Juan Carlos Escobar

    Dear Mr. Ranieri, The introduction of this iconic engineering marble (Hellcat), has been mired by the delivery into the hands of your customers. The lack of meaningful “communication” or any at all has sent those of us loyal to the brand “DODGE” (Dodge Brothers) into a tailspin. Not only have we put down hard-earned money months ago for our Challenger Hellcats, with no feedback to delays, and then dealt with greedy, Dodge Dealerships, but we have also had to deal with the embarrassment of the daily question “were is your Hellcat” followed by a smirk! I for one, and as there are many, am tired of waiting. To many of us FAC = FAILED CUSTOMERS AGAIN

  • DCCH

    Once an order has reached a certain age (pick your number, 6 months, 7 months, 8, whatever), those orders should be increased in priority. This is one method of handling allocation starvation. – – – I use the term “starvation”, borrowed from the field of software development, where algorithms are designed to handle and reduce “starvation” of software entities from their required resources.

  • DCCH

    Dodge should provide advice about 2016 models. Will those orders that could not be filled for 2015 models be given the option of converting to a 2016 order? Will those 2016 orders be given top priority? Stop putting allocation rules in place that keep customers and dealers guessing. We need a complete closed loop (meaning definitive communication back to dealer and customer), and allocation rules that do not indefinitely starve certain dealers from allocations. This can be done.

  • DCCH

    Smaller dealers and their customers are unfairly punished. Many dealers exist in a less dense population area, and it will never be in the cards for them to compete with dealers that are much larger. A sale is a sale is a sale. When I talked to dealers about placing an order in September 2014, none of them suggested that I should go to another dealer. Dealers who have not gotten any allocations should be given higher priority. The dealer where I ordered think that they can fill my Challenger Hellcat order, but they are not 100% sure.

  • Challenger owner

    I would put the blame on Tim Kuniskis as well, falling short on accountability. Bypass the dealership corruption already.

  • Rahul Nair

    Having a single combined allocation list for both the Charger and the Challenger does not make any sense when the Charger allocations opened several months after the Challenger. I have the #1 Charger spot at my dealer, sent in a refundable deposit in August and got a VON on Jan 12. However this dealer also has several people that placed Challenger orders in November and now you expect him to decide which person gets that single allocation? It would not be fair to the Challenger folks waiting since September to do my car but its also not fair to penalize me for Dodge only allowing Charger HC orders in January.

    Having a single allocation list for both products is a bad idea that creates ill will among your customers, puts dealers in an impossible spot and make people consider other cars. I should also add that I have waited 6 months to have a car built before but in that case the dealers were able to give me clear information on the process and I always knew what the status was. In the case of my Charger Hellcat order I will give a little while longer but if this situation does not improve soon I will have to seriously consider switching to the other 600+ hp sedan coming out of Detroit.

  • Mark Cenit

    At this point why not just build them in sequence of them being ordered. I am way down the list, but I was warned by my dealer of that when I ordered. If you don’t get a ’15 convert the orders to the ’16’s. I get rewarding the better dealers, but it seems to me you are punishing the smaller market dealers.

    A dealer near me is asking 15k over MSRP so I went to my “families” dealer where we have bought 8 cars in the last 5years. FCA is asking me to be disloyal to a great rural dealer. That is just wrong.

    I have bought over 15 new FCAcars over the last 25 years, and Dodge was great to me why I had a problem a few years back, but this process is frustrating.

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  • Michael Combs

    First thing I did when I got home from my first deployment to Iraq was hug my mom and dad at the airport. The second thing was head to the closest Dodge dealership, from that airport, to buy a 06 Charger RT. Since then I have owned a 09 and 12 SRT. No one makes an affordable, 4 door, 400+ hp car like Dodge.

    I currently have a Charger Hellcat on order. The wait is killing me, so I can’t even imagine what it’s doing to the folks that have been waiting since September for the Challenger. In every equation it’s the customer being punished. We don’t know how many vehicles a dealership sells, or if a Hellcat sat for 5+ days. Dealerships are out to make money. There will always be someone willing to pay $20K more than MSRP and that’s who they are waiting for. If a dealership makes around $5K for selling a Hellcat at MSRP, marking them up would be like selling 4 or 5 Hellcats at one time. I’m not going to believe that FCA didn’t see this type of price gouging coming.

    However, there are dealerships selling at MSRP. When you see people lining up at one dealership and avoiding others, that should tell you something. That’s the dealership people trust. That’s the dealership keeping the Hellcat affordable. That’s the dealership keeping people’s faith in Dodge. That’s the dealership that should be rewarded with the allocations taken from all the other dealerships that jacked up the price. Instead they are being blamed for being the cause of this mess. That’s tacky.

    I don’t know FCA’s process for keeping dealerships in check but whatever it is its not working. Send some people in posing as buyers and hear some of the BS those dealerships are telling people. Remember, they are pushing your product and are the face of your company. And stop avoiding the smaller dealerships that have sold orders!

    • Niklas Knipschild

      Just curious, why didn’t you use the military car buying service offered to you when you where on deployment?

      • Michael Combs

        I knew nothing about it. I did not see any signs or posters about it back in 05/06. It wasn’t until the end of the deployment that I even knew Chargers existed.

  • tsc

    First off, I’ll admit that I’ve been lucky and was able to be #1 in line at two local dealerships for a Hellcat Challenger and Hellcat Charger, at no more than MSRP. Hellcat Challenger delivered on 12/26/14 and Hellcat Charger currently in transit to my other dealer. But, I feel I must speak up for all of those who have not been so lucky.

    From the blog post: “Overall, our independently owned and operated Dodge dealers have been
    doing a great job managing Hellcat orders. However, a small number of
    dealers are engaging in a practice that is causing a customer relations
    issue for FCA US LLC and all of its dealers. Specifically, this handful
    of dealers appears to have accepted large numbers of SRT Hellcat orders
    without regard to available supply and without advising their customers
    that orders may not be filled, if at all, for many months or longer.”

    The first statement, in my opinion, is not accurate. There are plenty of Dodge dealers out there who have NOT done a great job of managing Hellcat orders and actually selling the cars. Orders have been entered with fake customer information, marked as a sold order, to then sit on the lot with a markup. Hellcats are sitting at dealers and are listed on eBay in the US and Canada at the time of this writing with varying levels of markup above MSRP. Meanwhile, there is a LARGE backlog of actual SOLD orders for ACTUAL CUSTOMERS.

    Your second statement, calling out a ‘handful of dealers’ is, in my opinion, a straight slap in the face to some dealers that are willing to BUY and MOVE your HALO PRODUCT. There is a reason these dealers likely have a long list of customers: they are selling for MSRP or in some cases, less than MSRP. Customers went to these dealers in droves because of other dealers (likely local in a lot of cases) marking the Hellcats up for unreasonable amounts. This is no different than the past scenario of a handful of dealers in the US accounting for at least a third of prior Viper sales, due to not marking up the prices of the cars.

    In the end, FCA allowed orders to be entered which created a VON (Vehicle Order Number) in BA status. FCA also moved nearly all of these orders to BX status as a ‘good order’. FCA, and likely *only* FCA knew exactly how many orders were coming in, but rather than stopping or notifying dealers, still continued to allow orders to come in. Here we are with thousands of unfulfilled orders since 9/9/2014… are these SOLD ORDERS ever going to be built? Only FCA can answer that and communication has been a problem. Though I appreciate this blog post, things have not been very transparent during this whole Hellcat ordering process.. lack of communication to customers AND dealers.

    FCA (Sergio, Tim K, etc), you have an opportunity to make this right. Start working on the backlog of 9/9/2014 orders. There’s something that just seems wrong about someone placing an order in January 2015, getting a VIN and D1 status, scheduled to be built, while there is a large backlog of sold orders waiting since September unfulfilled, with no idea if they will ever be built. Some of the most vocal and enthusiastic members of the Hellcat community have a running list of VONs waiting on VINs. These are the people you want to have their Hellcat as they can, and will, spread the word and praise of the car. Exactly what Tim K said he wanted to happen. Data on those orders waiting, just from that community (which has already been provided to a moderator):

    4 cancelled / 51 VINS / 271 VON orders / 322 total orders

    At least $15,797,945 in Hellcat customer sold orders waiting to be built. (only base price of $58,295 x remaining orders with no VINs – options/destination not included)

    I *really* would like to see FCA make things right, but I don’t know if it will happen at this point…

  • Dave Herculon

    Stop accepting VON’s if you cant build the car’s FCA.

  • Eric Meadows

    So Dodge makes a bada$$ car…

    Spends a ton on a media campaign to get the world’s attention…

    Gets the world’s attention…

    Orders come flooding in…

    Dodge ACCEPTS those orders…

    Dodge only chooses to build some of those orders while 1.) continuing to receive even more orders and not turning off their ordering system; 2.) leaving many customers clueless

    Now Dodge says it’s the Dealers’ fault for taking those orders, which suggests all of those extra orders are SCREWED.

    Why put so much effort into getting the world’s attention on the Hellcat only to turn away customers after their orders are taken? Who does that?

    I know they created the allocation system to get the Hellcats into the hands of the enthusiasts. They obviously see the huge line of people waiting with VONs if they are writing this blog.

    Those are your enthusiasts, Dodge! Those are the people you wanted to make sure got the car! We are right here, waiting. Change the allocation rules all you want… But you need to first step up and build the cars for those people in line. We are the same people who would be buying them under whatever allocation system you want to put together, but you already have our orders so just build them now! We’ve chosen a dealer we like, agreed on pricing, given a deposit, and have a VON that your system had no problem generating.

    I love Dodge too much to threaten that I’ll never buy another one if I don’t get a Hellcat… I hope THAT says something about my loyalty and my worthiness of you building my car.

    Eric Meadows

    • Timothy Strom

      bottom line is dealers know exactly how many allocated hellcats they do or do not have. no grey area. it is the dealer involved in taking a deposit for a vehicle they know they wont see. why put a customer thru that process in beyond me. I work for a dealer and order vehicles daily and have turned every customer away because we only got one. 100 percent on individual dealers. shame

  • Jay

    Any dealer in breach of the Dealer’s Sales and Service Agreement with FCA US LLC and a violation of other applicable laws, should have all of their existing Hellcat orders denied!!

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  • MelBenz

    I ordered with Bob Frederick in August at the supposed first opening order session. My VON
    32237564 at 9:50AM on 09/09/14 and nothing since. I have purchased 3 other Challengers through Bob. Supposedly difficult to get versions I have gotten from Bob such as 09 B5 blue, 10 FF SRT-8 and 11 Kowalski #10. I also have a 12 300 SRT-8 and a 14 Ram 2500 Longhorn diesel. One would think I am a very good Chrysler, errr FCA, customer but cannot get anything with the Hellcat. Doesn’t make sense to me to treat a customer this way does it? This is not the dealer issue as far as I know

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  • JC

    So, its in plain english written above. Dodge does not consider me, the guy that has owned 5 Chrysler products for the past 10 years and have pushed several friends and family members into buying their product, their customer. They consider their dealers their customer as “total dodges sold” is the #1 criteria. How quickly they forget those same dealers destroyed viper sales with mark ups.

    Then to add insult to injury, they punish the few dealers who are mopar lengends for selling too many??? Amazing. FCA should be using those dealers as case studies on what they are doing right.. Its not an accident that they sold that many.

    FCA is so concerned about these handfull of dealers, selling “too much” of their product they must have shut the order system down right? Ohh wait, its still open, even though they will never fill all these orders. So basiclly they are saying, even though you have had a paid order since Sept… We would rather punish you the dealers and their customers by building cars ahead of yours… Just cause we are mad you sold to much. Not to mention most of the customers that have order with these dealers are die hard mopar fans that want to buy from a die hard mopar guy….. Not real smart. And im to the point that if the dealer (we all know who we are talking about) said FU FCA im going to go sell bowties, im going to the dark side with him and the hell with FCA.

    Furthermore, the insinuation that the dealer is unscrupulous really pisses me off FCA

    • Mike

      Your post said it all!! Bravo!!
      7 years buying SRT’s myself and no way I will allow this community to be treated this way. Im too would follow said dealer where ever he went and Yes Im looking at a c7 z06 as there is no way I want this foolish short sided sigma surrounding me.

      Funny how they rolled out the challenger in 2008 same deal….Come and get it,but they are limited…Then the next year they make more…08 guys took it hard, many walked away then..
      I was there!!

      You wrote; “Then to add insult to injury, they punish the few dealers who are mopar lengends for selling too many??? Amazing. FCA should be using those dealers as case studies on what they are doing right.. Its not an accident that they sold that many.”

      They don’t get it!! Too much greed and lose of touch with the public is this Brands destiny….
      Wife bought our new GTR In 2014 and they are limited in production and hand build motors to boot!!
      Nissan called and made sure the car was up to our specs…Never an issue smooth as silk transaction .
      We went import solely because we didn’t want to go thru VIPER HELL!!!!!!!!

      I was at two dealer ships today one Maserati aka Fiat and another GM for a Corvette z06
      Had about enough of this carp as well gents!!
      Life is more than just a car its about the people that work hard to achieve them..
      Hello !!!

  • Dave Herculon

    I suggest that you fill all outstanding sold orders #1 priority. Many have been waiting since Sept when the order banks opened and that unacceptable. You also need to educate your dealers and penalize those that you claim caused this problem. I do find it curious that you say dealers are not following your allocation process but the fact is you just changed your allocation process. That means there was a poor allocation process previously that caused this mess, FCA has to take the blame for that not just the dealers. I ordered my Hellcat on Dec 1st and have a VON. I need to see some common sense addressing this issue from FCA or I will no longer be one of your loyal customers. The frustration is all over social media.

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  • Chris Mitchell

    It should not take some scientific equation to figure put if my dealer is gonna be able to fill my order? I have ordered cars in the past and gotten a date of delivery. You are trying so hard to be transparent with this process but your not, at all. I don’t want to shop around and shouldn’t have to. I am loyal to my dealer because they are loyal to me. I want them to get my business not the dealer down the road that has two on the lot marked up 10-15k. If you cannot make the car do not fill my order. There is no reason the processs should be like this. There is this huge communication void and with no rhyme or reason. Seriously? If this dealer sales this much in the last 90 days they get this status if they don’t they get this status if they’re ranked here they get that….look at what you’re writing? What sense does it make? Just take care of the customer. Take…care…of…the…customer! If you fill the orders you can prevent exactly what is happening, which is what you wanted to do to begin with. I told my dealer this is what I want, we filled out the paperwork and I said let me go get a loan and he say “no, not yet”. What!?!?! Ok, when is the car gonna be here…”really not sure”. What!?!?! I have a POC with a VON and BX code. WHAT!?!?! I am a consumer none if that matters to me, just get me my car! Until the HELLCAT I never knew anything about codes and VON’s and status codes? Just give me my date and blank stares… I don’t want to see your flow chart. I don’t care about flow charts, VON’s, and status codes. I want my car. Go back to the drawing board and figure it out.
    Thanks for your time,

    • Adam Jasmin

      I read the article that dodge is going to only allow 1 hellcat per dealer per month. Hold a sec dodge you said you will build a car for everyone that wants one and that a customer sold order is a high priority over the dealer and now your cutting them down. Look at your dealers with hellcats sitting on their lot with a 25-30K markup. They’re not selling cars for you. You probably have at least a thousand unsold hellcats sitting on dealer lots just because they want to make money. I also thought that your “unique allocation plan ” would rule all the dealers out and start to benefit your customers that have been waiting since day 1. I do have to say that you guys did a great job on spoofing us all, first saying that you’d fill dealer allocations first then do customer orders, then creating a fool proof allocation plan for the customer and that the customers will start getting their cars. but most of all the dodge ceo, Tim, saying they will build every car that is ordered. Your just a liar and realizing that you cant build all 7000 orders that you received. Why would you go through all the advertising and promoting for nothing. your are going to lose millions of dollars. you are making a lot of your customers very very angry. nice job screwing all your loyal customers over aka (the people that have brought this company up to where it is today) I hope someone from dodge reads this and respond back to me. stop switching the game around and get the ball rolling.
      outraged customer Adam

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  • Benjamin Tucker

    From Sept till now I have tried to buy a Hellcat. I have owned 3 Challengers, a Nitro and a Durango. I am a loyal customer. I have talked to over 20 dealerships in over six states. Many are rip off artists marking up the price 5, 10, or 15k or more. Some will not even try to order. Some ask for a non refundable deposit without even talking price. Why let your dealers rip off loyal customers ?? Punish them…….you are in charge are you not. Fire the morons handling the rollout….that should be a given by now !! I for one am through with Dodge…….I love my SRT Challenger and Durango but will never buy a Dodge again. Why would any Company let this go on this long….is anyone listening or in charge ???

  • Lou Pugliese

    Lou Pugliese• 15 minutes ago
    Please tell us why this bottleneck. You can state pats shortage, upgrades during production, rework, engineering changes.
    Please give an answer for the backlog on customer sold orders, my being one and put into D status this week, with SRT saying a “planned build date” of 3/16/2015. That is a 9 month wait. I don’t care what the reason is, but please COMMUNICATE with us loyal customers. Hell, I’m trading my 2013 SRT with 4K on the odometer back to my dealer for this car. I’m going to lose equity and don’t care. I’ve been a Dodge boy all my life. ’72 Challenger Ralley 340 Slapstick, 68 Formula S Barracuda fastback 383 stick, and a 70 340 Challenger pistol grip.
    Just give me a delivery date, or the reason it can’t be delivered.
    Thank You,
    Lou Pugliese
    Owner, Flying Leaf Aviation.
    Follow us on Facebook

  • Ron Langley

    I have never complained after being a loyal Dodge customer since 1969 when I purchase my first new car a 69 Charger,,,,I have owned over 250 Mopars including 4 vipers and a prowler, and a couple SRT Jeeps,,,I still have a 01 viper, 99 prowler, 12 SRT Jeep.. My first viper was a 94 so I am used to having a problem with wanted cars and have paid over sticker several times.. Not ONCE have I even got a thank you note from Chrysler taking me for me such a loyal customer which being a self employed businessman for 35 years is hard to comprehend, not a 15 cent post card,,,,I have been trying to get a Hellcat since you first announced them and as of today I still cannot get a answer if it will be a month or a year, or ever. So I hope by posting this you consider that you have done your job. Plus I found one in Oklahoma and called on it, I was told it was in shipment and the bottom dollar they would take for it was $99,000,,,something you said would not happen. I doubt anyone with any authority will ever read this post but if you do consider something called LOYALTY which apparently is a word that you may not understand… Never thought I would bad mouth you guys but this time you deserve it.

  • Gary Jones

    FCA appears to be shirking their ownership of the allocation process. Of course dealers selling at MSRP have attracted far more orders than those charging above MSRP! That should not be a surprise to anyone, least of all FCA.

    Only FCA is in the position to know what overall Hellcat supply and demand are. FCA was free at any time to limit VONs from dealers who order “too many” cars. It is comical when FCA tries to paint dealers selling at MSRP as somehow being the villains. That is needlessly adding insult to injury. Perhaps FCA is too internally focused on pleasing their distribution chain and not concerned enough about their end customers who ultimately buy their cars.

    • Mike

      You would think the powers that be would see this as a window of oppertunity and embrace the profits and brand loyalty so many have grown to love and admire.. That Ralph Gilles and his crew built! That Name, that SRT name we all spend our hard earned money on is quickly loosening touch with its roots. Which is US the buyer!!
      I too have never heard of a company complaining of a surplus of sales as it puts it halo cars in the hands of greedy shifty dealers marking up 20k + its just absurd. Dealers gouging 20k over MSRP are ruining this experience for many down the entire line they produce as the reputable trust worthy dealers are just trying to cater to the loyal customers in hordes. All to simply get them what they want. How can that be so difficult to understand here?

      • Jay Sixspeedrt

        Those dealers price gouging are a disgrace. Anyone learning of price gouging should post the name of the dealer and the amount of the ‘gouge’ on public forums, so the car-buying public can be informed to STEER CLEAR of such unscrupulous businesses.

        • Mike

          BINGO Jay!!

        • goomadachetz

          Those dealers are doing it The American Way, bro. Stop whining.

          • counterblow

            well then “the American way” is a big crock of shit! I’m glad FCA is doing it the socialist/communist/whateverstupidnameup comeupwithfor it way and fucking over dealers who put markups on it. All car makers need to do this and put the beatdown on UNAMERICAN price gouging.

    • LackThereof

      The implication of this rule, though, is that dealers selling at MSRP are the ones who will be getting the most cars!

      Dealers who add significant markups run afoul of the 5-day rule and lose their future allocations.


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  • TIGwelder

    So orders are being ignored from 9/9/14 while new sold orders are being filled and then it’s the dealers fault for trying to sell your product? Seriously?

    I have never heard of any other company complaining that their distributors are trying to sell too much of their product.

    Instead of having a system where unlimited orders can be placed, it might be a good idea to modify your own ordering software so orders like these can’t be placed unless there are available allocations.

    Don’t blame a flawed allocation system and ordering system on FCAs part, on dealers trying to sell your cars. And at MSRP no less. Meanwhile dealers are sitting on cars marked up and not selling them. Plenty of 70-80k Hellcats on lots and eBay, but none being sent to dealers with validated sold orders.

    So while a group of people who ordered on 9/9/14 because the hype machine was in high gear, the ones who got their orders in day 1 ..well forget them I guess. The community has a list of over 300 people waiting in BX for cars that will probably never be built. That should be your news story. Your community is be ignored. You don’t build brand by ignoring loyalty.

    • Lou Pugliese

      Please tell us why this bottleneck. You can state pats shortage, upgrades during production, rework, engineering changes.
      Please give an answer for the backlog on customer sold orders, my being one and put into D status this week, with SRT saying a “planned build date” of 3/16/2015. That is a 9 month wait. I don’t care what the reason is, but please COMMUNICATE with us loyal customers. Hell, I’m trading my 2013 SRT with 4K on the odometer back to my dealer for this car. I’m going to lose equity and don’t care. I’ve been a Dodge bot all my life. ’72 Challenger Ralley 340 Slapstick, 68 Formula S Barracuda fastback 383 stick, and a 70 340 Challenger pistol grip.
      Just give me a delivery date, or the reason it can’t be delivered.
      Thank You,
      Lou Pugliese
      Owner, Flying Leaf Aviation.
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    • TIGwelder

      For the record: In July/Aug, at ordering time, I was told 3-7 months. This was before the delaying of opening the order banks until Sept. I was also told in the case that my order was not built that my deposit would be returned in full. There was no sneakiness or tricks involed. Deal worked out, deposit paid, order placed and the above.

      I chose my dealer due to the volume of products he has moved for you in the past, at decent prices with excellent customer service referrals. This was my choice as a customer. If I decide to by from dealer X or dealer Y, that shouldn’t matter with a sold order. The way it’s set up now, you are telling me where to shop based on your allocation rules. Does it matter which dealer I choose? I want to purchase your product, I go to the location I choose and that’s where I should be able to purchase it. If the cars were built and shipped, as sold orders, the days on lot would be short and the 90 day sales higher. They can’t do that without orders being filled.

      Seems more like a dealer rewards program rather than getting the cars in the hands of enthusiastic brand followers.

    • Dave Herculon

      Well said.
      There is only one way to rectify this mess, stop accepting new Hellcat orders until you fill the ones you already have FCA.

    • TIGwelder

      Wasn’t one of the reasons SRT was folded back in and the Viper exclusive dealers done away with to AVOID exactly what we see happening now? Cars with crazy markups? Roped off showroom cars? Product not being sold?

      I do believe these were major talking points.

      Tim K – Sept 9th article
      “I want this car out in the marketplace so that somebody is sharing it with 50 of their friends and elevating the brand. That’s what I want; not sitting in your showroom with a rope around it. I want people driving these cars, talking about them, revving the engine and having everybody go ‘I want one of those.’ That’s why you build a halo car.”

      Article: Dodge Challenger Hellcat dealer ordering begins — with a catch

    • TIGwelder

      August 13 Charger Reveal – Dodge CEO Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats brand halos limited production rumors false MLive.com

      “I want to get as many of the cars out on the road, I want to get as many people talking about Dodge and excited about Dodge as possible.” – TK

      “I don’t know what the life cycle’s going to be,” he said. “I was very clear when we launched the Challenger: If you missed the first muscle car area, don’t miss this one. I don’t know how long this could last, so take advantage of it now.” – TK

      At the reveal, our orders were already in I believe. – TIG